Ballet Hispanico, Photo: Paula Lobo
Ballet Hispanico, Photo: Paula Lobo
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Sarah Skaggs is The New Ecstatic

Published on November 30, -0001

"The New Ecstatic" opens Danspace Projects Fall 2013 Season

Sarah Skaggs has always been drawn to ecstacy and spirituality. In the early 1990's she explored the joy and spirituality of non-proscenium work by creating Higher Ground, a dance piece that that merged planned performance with a social dance party. Today we talk about immersive art works as if they are a brand new discovery, but Skaggs was inviting audiences to be a part of  her work back in 1993.

A Minute in rehearsal with Sarah Skaggs Dance

Travels to Bali and Indonesia were  monumental to this choreographer's personal evolution and explorations of art. "In  Bali and Indonesia ... I was really taken away by how there is not a word for “art”. Art and life and spirituality all mix together. That was a big paradigm shift."

Higher Ground

To open Danspace Project's Fall Dance Season, performers Emie Hughes, Meredith Fages and Joanna Kotze will dance dance excerpts from Higher Ground.




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