FJK Dance, "A Message of Peace" Photo Courtesy Choreographer
FJK Dance,

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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Janis Brenner & Dancers: Spring 2017 Season

Janis Brenner & Dancers: Spring 2017 Season

Janis Brenner & Dancers: Spring 2017 Season

Performance Date:
Saturday June 3, 2017

Haiku Review:
In the first work of the evening a magical entrance with glitter was beautiful. As the dance progresses the glitter would sometime be caught by a foot or cascading body and be relaunched into the atmosphere. as a centerpiece to this work there was a completely entrancing section where two solos done on opposite corners of the stage that were repeated in close proximity, intertwining and then separating. The opening procession picks up again mid stage again, only to be amplified with another couple, a statement of the continuum of this process.

The final work was so multilayered, projections, movement, music, voices and song. However, the highlight was seeing Janis Brenner dance. She illuminated the choreography as no other on stage; relaxed, present and connected to it all. As a choreographer she had a beautiful control of the group in the space, to which she added a delicate interplay of group shapes that slowly expand and morph.

Ms. Brenner exhibited a great balance in her choreography of the sensual and cerebral. A joy to experience.

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