FJK Dance, "A Message of Peace" Photo Courtesy Choreographer
FJK Dance,

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Hartt Dances


Performance Date:
November 22 - 24

Freeform Review:

On Friday, November 22nd 2019, my husband and I were captivated by a brilliantly entertaining dance performance by Hartt Dance of the University of Hartford at Lincoln Theater.  We were so enthused that we called our out-of-town children and grandchildren, encouraging the  dance lovers to drive down for the Saturday or Sunday performances.

The individual components that comprised the production were mesmerizing — beginning with the creativity of the Hartt School Faculty Choreographers, the artistry and technical skills of the dancers, the striking costumes, and the mood-inducing lighting and music. Stephen Pier, Artistic Director of the Hartt School Dance Division has much to be proud of and applauded for in achieving a new “high.”


Judith Weisman

Photo Credit:
John Long

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