Milteri Tucker Concepcion/ Bombazo Dance Photo by Javier Luis
Milteri Tucker Concepcion/ Bombazo Dance Photo by Javier Luis

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Company Debut

Movement Headquarters Ballet Company

Performance Date:
Feb 16, 2020

Freeform Review:

It’s always exciting to watch a brand new company start their journey! Movement Headquarters Ballet Company led by artistic director Barry Kerollis made its debut on Sunday at Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater. The company ran on the campaign #BringBalletBack, which stirred up quite a conversation on the internet.


The show was divided into three parts. First up was “Distinct Perceptions” danced by the whole company and portrayed mental illness. This work was in five movements, each featuring one or two dancers. My favorite was second movement where several dancers spoke on stage (meant as the inner voices of the soloist, danced by the talented Camila Rodrigues). After the first (of two) intermission, we were treated to two beautiful works: “Undecidedly Solo” and “A Flys Life and Decline”. “Undecidedly Solo” danced by Shannon Maynor, Camila Rodrigues, and Kennedy Roese was the most classical work of the evening with live music by Alexandrina Boyanova and Issei Herr. After a short introduction where all three dancers danced, the violinist pointed at each dancer in turn with her bow, indicating which dancer were to dance which part. I thought that was especially clever and novel. “A Flys Life and Decline” was a solo danced by apprentice Serena Lu, who was a former rhythmic gymnast. Her ability as a gymnast definitely shined through as she leaps across the stage. “Rite-A Modern Ritual” danced by Ali Block and Weston Krukow completed the show. This was a non-pointe piece filled with emotions.  


In summary, even though #BringBalletBack may lead the audience to think everything would be “in the box classical”, it actually wasn’t. In the span of two hours, the versatility of both the dancers and Kerollis as a choreographer was evident. I am glad to have witnessed the beginning of Movement Headquarters.


Xuan Yi

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