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A.H. Dance Company presents Berita

A.H. Dance Company presents Berita


A.H. Dance Company


Merce Cunningham Studios


Friday, May 9, 2008 - 9:00pm
Saturday, May 10, 2008 - 8:00pm



A.H. Dance Company

A.H. Dance Company presents Berita

Alaine Handa and Dancers is proud to present its first full performance engagement, opening May 9th (9pm) & May 10th (8pm), 2008, at Merce Cunningham Studios in the heart of Manhattan’s West Village.

Berita, the Bahasa word for “news,” is a series of performances examining the depth of media in everyday culture and the ways it infiltrates our society and individual consciousness. It features choreography from a variety of dancers studying different disciplines

What happens when the path you are on is no longer the way to go? Sasha Soreff Dance Theater’s If You Can’t Get There From Here, Stand Still opens the show with an exploration of the vicissitudes of motion and the impulse to slow down.

Drifting in Delta will be Khoi Le’s first piece presented in New York. It follows concepts laid down by Erick Hawkins’ and Martha Graham’s techniques. Madina Agenor’s following duet delves into the complexities of human affectivity. It tells the story of an emotional connection between two people that transcends the boundaries of time, place and gender.

Alaine Handa’s first performance mirrors latchkey kids wasting away in front of television and video games. It is followed by Caber Tossed, a sneak peek into the two-dimensional world of childhood games such as Super Mario Brothers and Super Bonk.

Themes of pop culture continue into Alaine Handa’s and Jenny Boissiere’s duet regarding the unnecessary expectation on resembling the superslim goddesses of runway models and Barbie dolls. Homage to La-La-Land explodes this stereotype into a comical snapshot of the fashion industry and hyper-sexuality of the media, transforming innocent starlets to look “Hollywood perfect.”

A trio performed by Emily Vetsch, Khoi Le and Yayoi Hirano follows, dealing with two lovers suffering through the loss of each other in times of war and witnessing the schism through a haze of drugs and alcohol. Red Satin Puppets shows dancers Melanie Monterey and Sarah Gelband bound to each other in a dark examination of pawn governments, blurring the line between puppet and puppeteer.

A penultimate solo performed by Molly Campbell shows courage in the face of war as a Muslim woman from a poor family who is “sold” to an organization that thrives on violence. Berita ends with Salaam, a piece about Muslim women in a war-torn nation, facing extremes of emotion and brutality every day.

Alaine Handa and Dancers has a mission: to present and support independent contemporary artists and companies in New York and worldwide. Through collaborations with local dancers and artists of other mediums, Alaine Handa and Dancers hope to share modern dance to communities that lack exposure to it. Ms. Handa's movement vocabulary is quirky, athletic, and lyrical.

Berita will be presented at Merce Cunningham Studios, 55 Bethune St. (btw. Washington St. & West Side Hwy.) on May 9 & 10, 2008 at 9 pm & 8 pm respectively. Tickets are available for 5 (2 Seniors/Students, TDF/V).

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