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Gibney presents Work Up: Gabby Carmichael, Ramona Sekulovic, Emma Rose Brown

Gibney presents Work Up: Gabby Carmichael, Ramona Sekulovic, Emma Rose Brown




New York, NY


Friday, March 4, 2022 - 8:00pm daily through March 5, 2022




MARCH 4-5, 8:00 PM EDT


learning to see in the dark
By Gabby Carmichael

learning to see in the dark is a solo study in undoing pain. It is inspired by the forest, vanity, the lessons we learn from lying, self-actualization, saying goodbye, and the process of moving on. This project is intertwined with personal and collective memories, naturalistic sound scores, voice recordings, and poetry. It honors femme power and the moments that make us feel brave.

By Ramona Sekulovic

In UNI, Ramona Sekulovic investigates what it means to be present. What constitutes presence in both a performer and the audience? How is a performer's presence intimately related to technique? Sekulovic suggests that we can only connect and communicate while being fully present. Movement and short personal monologues reflect findings of Sekulovic’s research and recall fleeting past moments in ongoing navigations. 

By Emma Rose Brown

Simul-cast is a highly specific improvisational structure that languages physicality and tracks the multiple natures of perception. Performers act as sports commentators, describing what is happening in real-time in the body of another performer, preceding the power of the viewer to name what they see. Listening back to this audio, performers relive, remember, and reenact their immediate past. Moving from frantic speaking to silence, this work is simultaneously performance, game, and documentation. We offer an alternative way of taking in the world in real-time.


Work Up is a residency, professional development program, and performance opportunity that supports early-career artists.

Image Description: Collage of three photos: Photo 1: Gabby is sitting down on a chair in front of a vanity that is covered in jewelry and beauty products. There are shirts, salt and vinegar chips, and a knee pad on the floor. Gabby is smiling with her mouth open. Her fingers are stretched long reaching for the camera and the veins in her arms are bulging. Photo 2: Full body shot of Ramona Sekulovic in a lunge with torso bent down with one arm reaching to the ground and one arm extending towards the sky. Photo 3: Three dancers sit in black folding chairs, one wears a grey sweater, one orange, one pink. Their arms are reaching to the dancers on either side blocking each other’s mouths and eyes as they each struggle to speak.

Gabby Carmichael by Travis Emery Hackett, Ramona Sekulovic by Scott Shaw, Simul-cast by Emma Rose Brown.

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