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Friday, September 13, 2013 - 6:15pm


New Waves! AYITI

NEW WAVES! 2014 - AYITI gathers dance artists and scholars from all around the world in Haiti. This joint program and collaboration was created to invoke the Institute’s commitment to movement, dance and performance throughout the Caribbean. From 17 to 31 July 2014, 50 participants will engage intensive classes and workshops, build community, and experience the unique cultural landscape of Haiti. Courses and workshops will be held in Jacmel and Port-au-Prince.
In addition to Jeanguy Saintus, Haitian contemporary dance artist, the internationally renowned faculty and guests will include Makeda Thomas (Trinidad & Tobago/Contemporary Dance), Christopher Walker (Jamaica/Caribbean Dance), Catherine Denecy (Guadeloupe/Performance), Marvin George (Trinidad & Tobago/JOUVAY AYITI), and Dyane Harvey-Salaam (US/Special Workshops). Claire Tancons (Guadeloupe) is the 2014 Scholar-in-Residence. Learn more here: http://makedathomas.org/institute.newwaves.
*PRE-REGISTRATION until 30 September. Save 00. APPLY ONLINE NOW!
General applications due 4 April 2014.
New Waves! is a program of the Dance & Performance Institute, an international community of dance and performance artists, a forum for exchange, and a series of programs on contemporary dance and performance. Since 2010, the Dance & Performance Institute has served 156 dance artists, teachers, students, and scholars through the Artist-in-Residence Program, the Carnival Performance Institute and New Waves! Institute. These programs have reached hundreds more in communities through free workshops, blogs, web-streams, broadcasts, and live performances.

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