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News on Company Stephanie Batten Bland

News on Company Stephanie Batten Bland


Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 3:00pm

Summer workshops & more!

Company Stefanie Batten Bland
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Physical Perspectives
summer workshops!


June 24th-28th
10- 11:30am 

11:30am -1pm

July 22- Aug 2nd

MWF 11am- 1pm

Photo by Jada Rose

Zenon Dance Commission!

After finishing up my residency at Rutgers, I packed my bags and headed off to work with Zenon Dance Company of Minneapolis.

The artistic director, Linda Andrews, made me feel so welcome and encouraged me to dive deeper into my concept of CAUGHT, which will premiere at the Cowles Center this coming November.  

After my initial research work with the students of Rutgers, I was now able to complete this piece in Minneapolis on the 8 wonderful company members that make up Zenon.  I was honored to be their last choreographer to end their 30th season before their summer break.

CAUGHT includes many images that can be witnessed as the physical canvas develops.  Rolling images from around the globe shift -- taking form of childhood games, through geological structure, to survival instincts.  This piece is an installation created with the collaboration of the artist Caitlin Carouge.  With the dancers at Zenon I was able to push boundaries and definitions, finding freedom and illustration in movement.

I am continuing to explore the impact of waste in our space; this piece allowed me to create a sensory world where I could investigate what we are doing with and how we are living in the space we have left.

Now back in New York City, I am ready for summer and all the heat it will bring.  Peridance, DNA and Dancewave's summer workshops are coming up and I can't wait to get back in the studio.

Happy Summer to all


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