The Dance Enthusiast Would Like to Pay Tribute to Our Supporters!

Thank You. We couldn't Work Without You!


Enthusiast: $25-49.

  • Maxine Montilus
  • Joanne Tharin
  • Jacqulyn Buglisi

Enthusiast Fan: $50-99.

  • April Thibeaut
  • Jennifer Arcure
  • Melissa Gilbert
  • Maia Wechsler
  • David Weaver
  • Karen Bernard

Enthusiastic Compadre: $100-199.

  • Amy Edelman

Enthusiastic Lover: $200-399.

  • Jeanne Finnerty

Enthusiastic Devotee: $400-599.


Enthusiastic Angel: $600 and above.

  • Robert Louis Friedman
  • Tommy and Teddy Friedman
  • Gracie J.F.
  • Mertz-Gilmore Foundation 2014-15
  • Dance/USA with the Doris Duk Foundation 2013-14 Engaging Dance Audiences Round 2

If you would like to send a donation to The Dance Enthusiast  you can  can donate by clicking the link to our donate page, or by sending a check via snail mail to :

The Dance Enthusiast

c/o Christine Jowers,

139 Charles Street,#150

Boston, MA 02114

Please make out your checks to Moving Arts Projects, Inc.

Thank you so much.