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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Indah Walsh Dance Company - "The kind of magic that shoots through your body like a wild rapid"

Indah Walsh Dance Company - "The kind of magic that shoots through your body like a wild rapid"

Indah Walsh Dance Company

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So, I'm a runner. Never really been a creative type. The extent of my creativity is what playlist I'm going to use for my run. The rest is literally paved for me. But I appreciate creativity in all forms. But what I witnessed a few weeks back at Indah Walsh's Dance Company's performance was more than creativity, it was magic. And not the kind of magic where birds fly out of hats, or cards disappear.....no, the kind of magic that shoots through your body like a wild rapid. The kind of magic that makes you feel. While it's common to experience an emotion or sensation while sitting through any performance really, this I did not expect. 

It began with two women on stage, no theatrics, no backflips, no frills. Two women and matching outfits. They looked over the crowd almost with a surveying eye. The music began, but more of a little beat, like a rythmic continuous bah bah bah. As they began to find their little groove they tapped to the beat. Just a simple tap, tap, tap, tap. I immediately thought, "Oh, I can do this". This of course was followed by a prompted instruction from the big screen behind them to, "Stand Up". While it didn't register immediately, I realized the screen was talking to me so of course I stoop up. Then I found myself thinking that I no longer "can do this", but more "I'm going to do this". It wasn't unitl seconds later I looked around and everyone was doing this. The tap, tap, tap, tap. And that's when it took complete hold. Within minutes the entire crowd was dancing and mirroring what these two simple women were doing on stage. I couldn't help but burst into laughter becuse of how beautiful the whole room became from the simple beat, the simple dance moves and the subtle suggestions from these two simple women. No words, just a sense of togetherness. It had complete hold of me, if not everyone.

The show of course went on to amaze us all one number after the next. It was full of mezmorizing details that you just couldn't stop watching. I remember thinking to myslef, "Why can't I stop watching this, what is it?" And I think that is the creativity behind it. Like, how did the choreographer know that I would be captivated by these little details??

One of the pieces was full of finding happiness/laughter in sadness/lonliness. What a beautiful contrast, and much needed. 

When it ended, as fullfilling as it was, you just felt like you needed more. It was an escape from whatever you had going on in your life. An escape to this magical place of, "What just happened to me?"

As I left, walking down the street I couldn't put my headphones on to listen to music as I most often do. I just couldn't get over whatIi just witnessed, so I enjoyed the next half hour walking replaying what I had just seen and began to write down all the questions I had.

This was a truly remarkably, captivating performance that will stay with me for quite some time.

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