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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Mark DeGarmo Dance's Salon Performance Series

Mark DeGarmo Dance's Salon Performance Series

Mark DeGarmo Dance

Performance Date:
Feb 6, 2020

Freeform Review:

The Salon Performance Series at Mark DeGarmo Dance is one of a kind. The performances are held at Mark DeGarmo’s downtown location, which doubles as its office when not converted into a performance space. Each month, the series features several artists to present their work and Mark himself facilitates the audience feedback after the presentation of each work. The February performance featured work from three distinct artists: Frances Rosario-Puleo, Joan Liu, and Jill Moshman.

Rosario-Puleo came from a vocal background. “Spiral Inclusion Stone” featured Rosario-Puleo in vocal and dancer Dana Mazurowki in contemporary movements. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between the two performers.

Next up was Liu with her company Axons Dance Theatre. “Invisible Decorum” was a trio danced by Saeko Hayashi, Marisa Pisano, and Dominique Robinson. I was struck by the seamless continuum of the story though not at all surprised as I’ve came to know this is a strength of Liu’s. Each dancer was supported with exceptional technique while displaying their individuality.

Moshman’s “Handbook for Feeling Home Vol. 2” finished up the show. This was a solo by the stunning Moshman herself. Her artistry was exquisite with captivating eye movements and finger tapping. It was nice to hear that many audience members shared my view.

This was an evening with three very talented and very different artists. DeGarmo’s audience feedback facilitation was warm and welcoming. Definitely an inspiring evening to say the least!


Xuan Yi

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