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AUDIENCE REVIEW: The Fabulous Waack Dancers Unleash Magic at Lincoln Center

The Fabulous Waack Dancers Unleash Magic at Lincoln Center

The Fabulous Waack Dancers

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The Fabulous Waack Dancers, under the artistic direction of Princess Lockerooo, wowed audiences at Lincoln Center with an unforgettable waacking performance that seamlessly blended rhythm and style. Set to the captivating soundtrack by Harold O'Neal, this 30-minute show was a whirlwind of creativity and energy that left a lasting impression.

The standout performances by Onjay (Daeun Cho) and Zenta (Euijin Kang), both hailing from South Korea, were nothing short of phenomenal. Their seamless synchronization and infectious enthusiasm showcased their unwavering dedication to the art of waacking. Each move was executed with precision, and their stage presence was magnetic.

The performance's highlight moments, "Waackjack" and "Don't Touch My Hair," exuded an irresistible sense of joy and artistic expression. These segments not only showcased the dancers' technical prowess but also their ability to connect with the audience on a deeply emotional level.

Under the skilled direction of Princess Lockerooo, The Fabulous Waack Dancers brought a unique fusion of culture and movement to the stage. The show's impeccable choreography, combined with the entrancing beats provided by Harold O'Neal, made for an immersive experience that left the audience wanting more.

In conclusion, "A Mesmerizing Fusion of Rhythm and Style" perfectly encapsulates the magic that The Fabulous Waack Dancers brought to Lincoln Center. With Onjay and Zenta's exceptional performances, this show was a testament to the global appeal of waacking and its ability to transcend borders. The audience was treated to an exhilarating journey of dance and emotion, making this performance a true triumph in the world of contemporary dance.

Lindsay Cho


Photo Credit:
Lawrence Sumulong

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