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AUDIENCE REVIEW: The Seventh Midnight Solidarity Performance: Stop Asian Hate and Any Hate 2021

The Seventh Midnight Solidarity Performance: Stop Asian Hate and Any Hate 2021

7Midnights Physical Research

Performance Date:
August 29, 2021

Freeform Review:

     On Sunday August 29, we were treated to a variety of extremely skilled and versatile dancers! The energy in the room was electric! Each artist presented their unique voice to the theme of Stop Asian Hate and Any Hate in their creative way. I was thoroughly moved by the amount of talent in this show.

     The show opened with the curator Jiali Wang and Sarah Liebau taking us into the theme of the day. Glenn Potter-Takata and Evan Suzuki came on next with anime-like costume to deliver a skilled and humorous piece. Jiemin Yang presented a solo that showed off power and fluidity. ‘Intentional Drift’ performed by Erika Keller, Julie Carter, Marika Chrisanthopoulos, and Kaitlyn Snyder was a smooth lyrical like piece incorporating pointe work.

     Joan Liu from Axons Dance Theatre mesmerized me with her powerful performance, bringing tears to my eyes. I was blown away by the change of dynamics in her body and her ability to connect with audience. I felt as if she was dancing directly at me and me only. I’ve came to enjoy Liu’s choreography but this is the first time I felt I understood the master mind behind her work. ‘Look So Good’ by Aya Jane Saotome followed Liu with some fun acting. ‘Relationship Reimagined’ featuring Yu Wei Hsaio and Chieh Hsiung was another comedy-like piece with one person playing the violin. First act ended with curator Jiali Wang and Sarah Liebau duo where Jiali spoke in Mandarin. I thought that was an interesting choice but one I am sure she had her reasons for.

     Second act opened with Music Band Reliant Tom (Monte Weber and Claire Cuny) bringing music to life with stunning costume. Can Wang brought us a twist by dancing all the way into the audience while giving me the chills with her use of the red scarf. Sara Pizzi and Aika Tkeshima was a dynamic duo that collaborated well. I was able to see the trust and relationship between the two. ‘Espiritu’ performed by Carl Ponce Cubero and Ana Sofia Reynoso was another duet that was very powerful and showed off the versatility of the dancers.

     Overall, it was one surprise after another, never a dull moment throughout the whole show! I especially enjoyed the ending when all artists came together and stood in solidarity. Congratulations Jiali Wang, 7MPR team and all the artists for a memorable show during this difficult time (possibly first in-person show for lots both in the audience and performing).



Xuan Yi

Photo Credit:
Renfang Ke

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