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AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Tough One" by Yeujia Low

"Tough One" by Yeujia Low

Performance Date:
October 16th 2016

Freeform Review:

Whimsy within order, individuality versus the group, the inner workings of the artist's mind.  All these themes and more were touched on delicately but powerfully in Yeujia Low's latest piece "Tough One", presented at Triskellion Arts.  The all too brief piece set to the Philip Glass classic "Mad Rush", played live by the multitalented Miss Low, mesmerized the audience as the finale of an exciting evening of new work in Brooklyn.  Four women united in hairstyle and color scheme set the patterns of the dance.  Long lines with clear and simple delivery punctuated by small gestural movements created the enticing and fresh choreography.  As the dancers broke off into splintered versions of the original pattern the space expanded and the connection between the four became complex.  At moments the music would swell and the dancers melted into perfect spinning unison, evoking a quartet of mesmerizing dervishes.  I have had the great privilege of watching Yeujia Low's choreography skills mature over the last two years and this piece was by far the most elegant and moving result of her sparkling brain.  I await her future work with baited breath. 


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