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Kelly Hargraves
Photo by Kelly Hargraves

Kelly Hargraves

Kelly Hargraves  is a choreographer from Canada who lives in Los Angeles. Thanks to the seminal FIND festival, she was able to study everything from Belgian dance theatre with Wim Vandekeybus, to Butoh with Kazuo Ohno, to American Post-modern with Doug Elkin and David Newman. Lured by the Americans, and the emerging field of dance video, she then attended NYU’s Gallatin School, creating a unique dance and film theory masters program. Since then she has made several dance films that have been shown extensively throughout the world. She has traveled lecturing and presenting programs of dance films and is the co-founder of the Dance Camera West Festival in LA and an honorary board member of the Dance on Camera Festival in New York. Kelly has worked as the Director of Publicity at UCLA Live performing arts series and has worked as a lead publicist with independent film distributors specializing in social issue documentaries.

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