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NDI & The Art of Teaching: Fundamentals (ZOOM)

NDI & The Art of Teaching: Fundamentals (ZOOM)


National Dance Institute


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Monday, July 15, 2024 - 5:00pm



National Dance Institute

Join us for a transformative online learning experience as we delve into the fundamentals of teaching through the NDI lens. Whether you’re a new dance educator or seeking to refine your teaching skills, this training will empower you to become a more effective and impactful teacher.


Program Highlights:

  • Experience NDI’s Unique Pedagogy: Immerse yourself in NDI’s renowned pedagogy, gaining a deep understanding of the principles that make our approach to dance education unique and effective.
  • Joyful Dance Classes with Live Music: Engage in joyful dance classes accompanied by live music, where you’ll experience firsthand the magic of combining movement and music in the teaching process.
  • Community Building: Build a strong sense of community with professional artists and educators from around the world. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for dance education.
  • Mentored Teaching Opportunities: Get hands-on experience and mentoring through teaching opportunities, allowing you to practice and refine your teaching skills. Receive constructive feedback from our experienced dance educators to further your growth.

Enhance your teaching skills and discover the art of teaching through the NDI Method.
Enroll in our Fundamentals training today and elevate your impact as an educator.

Program Details:
Date: July 15th – July 18th, 2024
Time:  5:00pm – 7:30pm ET
Location: Zoom (Online)

To participate in the NDI & The Art of Teaching: Fundamentals, interested teachers must complete the registration form.

Tiered Pricing and Scholarships:

  • The program features tiered pricing, with fees ranging from $150 to $250.
  • Scholarships are available based on need, ensuring accessibility for all qualified applicants.
  • All participants will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship when filling out the registration form.

Why Tiered Pricing?
We believe that professional development for arts educators should be available and accessible to all. Towards that core belief, the NDI Collaborative is using tiered pricing. This is an intentional effort to offer equitable pricing to individuals and organizations, so everyone can have access to our trainings.

For More Information:
Please contact Sofia Baeta, Program Coordinator, NDI Collaborative for Teaching & Learning, at sbaeta@nationaldance.org.

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