FJK Dance, Photo: Jaqlin Medlock
FJK Dance, Photo: Jaqlin Medlock
Valerie Green Dance Entropy Utopia
Valerie Green Dance Entropy UTOPIA

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The West African Series Drum & Dance with Vado!

The West African Series Drum & Dance with Vado!




Cumbe: Center For African and Diaspora Dance | 1368 Fulton St


Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 8:00pm weekly through December 27, 2018



NEW CLASS! Join us as we embark on our latest dynamic series of classes with world renown drummer and dancer, Vado Diomande. Students will have the chance to learn both West African Drumming and West African Dance. 

West African Drum Class: 
Explore the heart of all West African musical traditions: the drum. Learn to play the many parts of djembe, doundoun, songbas and kenkenes. 

West African Dance Class:
Vado draws on the rich and diverse dance tradition from the Ivory Coast. With over 60 different ethnic traditions, the variety of steps and rhythms taught is complex, exciting and vigorous. 

Thursdays - Drum @6:30pm |$16 ($2 drum usage fee) | Dance @8:00pm | $16

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