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CA: Summer Showcase 2 - Secrets & The Silent Rose

CA: Summer Showcase 2 - Secrets & The Silent Rose


Rubans Rouges Dance Company


ARC, 1158 East Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91106 United States


Saturday, August 9, 2014 - 8:00pm



Rubans Rouges Dance Company

Summer Showcase 2: "Secrets & The Silent Rose"
Presented by: Rubans Rouges Dance Company

Date: August 9th @ 8:00 pm
Venue: ARC Pasadena

TICKETS: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/734648

JOIN us for an epic yet intimate evening of dance, live music, theatre, film. Enter a beautiful setting of white chiffon, refreshments, rose petals, harp music, and a few more surprises. With some great artists including: ArtBark International, Brockus: RED, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Dorn Dance Company, Rubans Rouges Dance Company, Speak Hill Dance Project a dance film by Wendi Baity, special guest Albertossy Espinoza.


A collage of dance pieces that embodies the theme of secrets choreographed by known artists in the dance community.
Choreographers: Noelle Andressen (Rubans Rouges Dance Company) Description: "Coeur de Verre" A duet that shows an attempt to trust again once that trust has been betrayed. Special Guest Dancer: Albertossy Espinoza

Rande Dorn (Dorn Dance Company) - "There Was a Sailboat, and Still I Sank"
Dancers: Orlando Agawin, Audrey Cain, Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, Anna Lamonica, Angel McLendon, Bridget Murano, Irene Vallar, Iman Zoe    Notes: "There Was a Sailboat, and Still I Sank" explores the uneasy shift from childhood's confident hopefulness to adulthood's complicated and unfulfilled expectations.

Amanda Hart (Hart Pulse Dance Company) - "Live With It" Choreography: Amanda Hart
Dancer: Ryan Ruiz  Notes: Reflecting on your past, observing all you've done, and living with all of your decisions.

Misa Kelly (ArtBark International & New Traditions Foundation) "Manatee-an Ode to my Beloved" - Choreography: Misa Kelly
Direction by Stephen Kelly  Performers: Hylla Fischer, Misa Kelly, Chris Rahlwes  Musicians: Marcia Sherman, Chris Rahlwes  Music: and suddenly, I woke up! by Stephen Kelly in collaboration with the performers.  Notes: For 18 years I have been searching for someone to break down a lovely improvisation captured on video that was inspired by a dream of manatees swimming under the ocean.  I asked myself, if I had one dance left to make, what would that dance be. The answer was, I'd break down the improvisation and have my beloved direct the work.

Marlita Hill (Speak Hill Dance Project) "Holy ShiFt" - Choreography: Marlita Hill
Dancers: Adrianna Audoma, Aneiki Randolph, Audrey Crabtree, Baja Poindexter, Bernadette Sebastian, Imani White, Jasmin Williams, Keverlie Herron, LaRaia Gribble   Notes: This piece was catalyzed by the convergence of divine, wonderful, and bittersweet shifts in my relationships, career, and life.

"art of brokenness" - Choreography: Noelle Andressen
A sneak preview of a section from this new piece that will premiere in its entirety this Fall Season.
Dancers: Noelle Andressen, Carol Butler, Danielle Drake, Omaira Galarza, Jessica Mayorga, Amani Minter, Corey McCullough  Notes: dehumanization and a testing of the indomitable human spirit that refuses to conform. Individuality and a lone voice finds a way to survive, there is HOPE.

A dance film by Wendi Baity

"The Silent Rose" Based on the 6 minute stand-alone piece first presented at Moorpark Performing Arts in 2010. This piece has been expanded into its full 25 minute presentation.

"The Silent Rose" - Choreography: Noelle Andressen (Rubans Rouges Dance Company)
Original Score: Kristopher Kale  Film: Jay Kale
Opening Improvisation: Input from dancers Captain: Amani Minter  Costumes, Hair & Makeup Design: Noelle Andressen
Dancers: Noelle Andressen, Carol Butler, Danielle Drake, Omaira Galarza, Eva Josan, Jen Marchain, Jessica Mayorga, Amani Minter, Corey McCullough, Daniela Shambaugh, Artemis Ailianou (understudy-will perform)   Notes: "And the day came when the risk it took to remain closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom." —Anais Nin. Dedicated to all the beautiful dancers that ever portrayed roles in this piece.

House Opens 7:30 pm - General Seating - First come basis*

*Please be advised, our previous shows have sold out quickly. We strongly recommend on line purchase of your tickets. If you aren't able to purchase your tickets on line, we can't guarantee you a seat should you choose to buy your ticket(s) at the door. Our House Manager will place your name on a wait list should any seats open up. If the demand is high, we will add another show performance.

DRC & SBDA members receive a 25% discount on general ticket prices.

Production Credits:

Artistic Director: Noelle Andressen
Rubans Rouges Dance Company Music Composer: Kristopher Kale
Lighting Designer: Ed Salas
Sound Engineer & House Music: Kristopher Kale
Program Photo: Paul Antico
Press Photo: Tim Agler
Administrative Assistant: Jessica Mayorga
Concert Photographer: Victor Vic Photography
Concert Video Photographer: Bryan Dahl
Documentation Videographer: Bryan Dahl
Rehearsal Documentation: Jay Kale
Program, Web, Media, Graphics Design: Jay Kale

Thank you to everyone involved!


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