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The New York Butoh Institute Festival 2018 (October 13 - 23, 2018)

The New York Butoh Institute Festival 2018 (October 13 - 23, 2018)


The New York Butoh Institute and Vangeline Theater


Theater for the New City's Johnson Theater, 155 1st Avenue
New York, NY


Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 8:00pm daily through September 20, 2018
Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 3:00pm daily through September 20, 2018



The New York Butoh Institute and Vangeline Theater

The New York Butoh Institute and Vangeline Theater present the New York Butoh Institute Festival 2018, a celebration of diversity in butoh featuring 16 artists from Japan, Brazil, Chile, UK, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Spain, and the United States. Curated by Butoh artist Vangeline, the Festival will consist of an exciting program of butoh workshops and masterclasses, as well as four nights of groundbreaking performances by fierce female butoh dancers from October 18-21, 2018 at the Theater for the New City's Johnson Theater, 155 1st Avenue, NYC, 10003. 

Tickets are $15 and are available at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3508983. For more information about the festival or to enroll in the workshop and masterclass, visit http://www.vangeline.com/calendar-of-upcoming-events/

Over the past 60 years, Butoh has become a universal and international movement language. Developed in post World War II Japan, the minimalist avant-garde dance form has grown, evolved, and traveled worldwide.

New York Butoh Institute celebrates the way the art form has grown and shifted in the 21st Century, ensuring the style is reflective and responsive.

Nicole Watson (U.K); Natalie Cuellar and Raimundo Estay (Chile); Alana Rosa (Brazil); Melissa Lohman (Italy); Margherita Tisato (Italy); Sindy Butz (Germany); Keren Shavit (Israel); Azumi Oe (Japan); Yokko (Japan); Mariko Endo (Japan); Sophie Amieva (Spain/France); Nurya Chana (U.S.); Will Atkins (U.S.); Raquel Almazan (Costa Rica/ Spain).

Thursday, October 18 at 8pm: Nu Canal (Nurya Chana) in Techne Soft
Featuring: Nurya Chana (USA), Yokko (Japan), Margherita Tisato (Italy), Sophie Amieva and Will Atkins (France/ USA), Melissa Lohman (Italy/USA) and Raquel Almazan (Spain/ Costa Rica).
1 hour and 50 minutes with an intermission
Nurya performs in a spectacular structure that she herself created. In Techne Soft, Nu Canal uses multi-media solidifications of invisible structures to strip down the process of making, peeling mental systems, unfurling the feeling narratives lying underneath. 

Friday, October 19 at 8pm: Sindy Butz in Vanished Country-Your own breath
Featuring: Nicole Watson (U.K.), Keren Shavit (Israel), Mariko Endo (Japan), Alana Rosa (Brazil); Azumi Oe (Japan), and Sindy Butz (Germany).
1 hour and 50 minutes with an intermission
Vanished Country-Your own breath is inspired by the melancholic poem "Am Fenster" (By The Window) by the German writer Hildegard Maria Rauchfuß. The text became a classic through the former East German cult rock band City in 1977. On stage, a video projection represents the emotional state of being trapped in an ideology, gazing through a foggy window onto the other side, into a better reality and freedom. The dancer on stage juxtaposes the feeling of physical and mental narrowness through oppression (video) with nuances of liberation, solidarity, and intoxication of joy. A sculptural element of a window/ portal connects both worlds.

Saturday, October 20 at 8pm: Nicole Vivien Watson - Surface Area Dance Theater - U. K. in The Mud Formed A Finger, Pointed
Featuring: Nicole Watson (U.K.); Natalia Cuellar and Raimundo Estay (Chile)
1 hour and 30 minutes with an intermission
The Mud Formed A Finger, Pointed explores creation myth and Messy Play, made in collaboration between Matthew De Kersaint Graudeau (Sound) and Ben Jeans Houghton (Sculpture). The Mud Formed A Finger, Pointed offers a study of the human body as an uncanny object that oscillates between figuration and abstraction, body and material, depicting an object becoming human, a human becoming an object and the protean states between. Nicole Vivien Watson emerges from an industrial bucket, her body covered in dripping, viscous liquid. The work embodies a contemporary creation myth that melds object and subject, abject and sacred, non-human and human. By invoking the narrative imagery of creation myths where humans are formed from the earth, within the aesthetic of the fetish Messy Play and through the language of Butoh, the performance links our understandings of the contemporary body and our imaginings of a primordial past.

Sunday, October 21 at 3pm: Natalia Cuellar and Raimundo Estay in XIBALBA
"A spine chilling ancient ritual" July27th,2012 -LeopoldoPulgarIbarra
Xibalba invites audiences to come closer to the comple world of the Mayan mythology, in a performance created by Natalia Cuellar, butoh performer and director of the Rutadela Memoria company ("Cuerpoquebrado"), who specializes on plays based on the concepts of Gender, Memory and Human Rights.
Featuring: Nicole Watson (U.K.); Natalia Cuellar and Raimundo Estay (Chile)
1 hour and 30 minutes with an intermission

October 13-14: Butoh workshop with Vangeline: Mastering the mind/body connection in Butoh
October 18-21: Four nights of performances at Theater for The New City
October 23rd: Closing night of Festival: Butoh Master class with Natalia Cuellar.

Photo: Natalia Cuellar. Ruta de la Memoria Company

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