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2Night Show December

2Night Show December


Chez Bushwick


CPR - Center For Performance Research
361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Brooklyn, New York 11211


Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 8:00pm daily through December 4, 2015



Chez Bushwick

2-Night Show December is curated by artist and performer Alex Romania
With works by Justin Cabrillos, Wendell Cooper and Julie Goldberg


Justin Cabrillos

Holdings is a solo dance that sustains within that thing as a piece of land which is an arrangement in a system of grasping. Contains and less released.

Wendell Cooper
EXILE, Mx. Oops

Performing songs from their forthcoming debut album, EXILE, Mx. Oops invokes a hybrid lyricism in the tradition of experimental Hip Hop, while choreography draws from a variety of Urban Dance forms, including: House, Vogue, Breakin’, and J-Sette. These forms of expression, which can also be seen as forms of creative resistance, are the backdrop for themes of spiritual transformation, gender diversity, and connection to Nature, woven through the album. Ceremonial costumes reflect influences from both intertribal powwows and queer nightclub fashion. These garments are artifacts from the future people of whom Mx. Oops is a descendent. During performance, a video installation sets the space for this indigenous futuristic journey. The video projections combine images of the body, emergent patterns in nature, and manmade structures through play of form, layering, and qualities of light.

Julie Goldberg 
(De)Constructing Something

This work is an investigation of the self. What does it mean to have a self, to be a self? Beginning with a struggle between the publicly constructed self and the vulnerability of internal experience, eventually the material substance of the body is able to speak. Through an attempt to shed the socialized, political body, the choreography affords a voyeuristic peak into a mysterious and ancient place, a place beyond verbal understanding. As the self’s dark places are illuminated, a conversation about what is private and public, modern and timeless, ensues. The shedding of external layers leads to a study of what it means to be an individual human being, including impulses, emotions, rhythms, and secrets, the commonalities that we all experience but don’t often discuss. (De)Constructing Something has been shown as a work in progress as a part of Brooklyn P.O.R.C.H. Extended, Housefest, and Brooklyn Studio for Dance’s Open Studios.


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