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92Y Honors Veterans with Special Events including "Shell Shock: Dance Serves Veterans of War"

92Y Honors Veterans with Special Events including "Shell Shock: Dance Serves Veterans of War"


92Y; EXIT12 Dance Co; Edward Henkel


92Y, Upper East Side, NYC


Friday, January 30, 2015 - 8:00pm


$15 - Special Offer: $10 with code VET

92Y; EXIT12 Dance Co; Edward Henkel


92Y Honors Veterans with Two Special Events- MovementTalks Shell Shock: Dance Serves Veterans of War & Bill Wright's Veterans Photography Exhibit


NEW YORK, NY: Jan 28-  We hope you will share 92Y's special events honoring veterans: Bill Wright: Veterans photography exhibit and Shell Shock: Dance Serves Veterans of War performance on Fri, Jan 30 at 8pm.


Edward Henkel's MovementTalks: Dance Serves Veterans of War

Date: Fri, Jan 30, 2015, 8 pm

$15 - Special Offer: $10 with code VET


The purpose of Edward Henkel's MovementTalks is to show how dance can be used as a catalyst for change in the world. "Shell Shock: Dance Serves Veterans of War" highlights the work of Exit12, founded by veteran Roman Baca. Upon his return from Iraq, Baca developed a dance program that brings together professional dancers and former combatants who are open to the idea of recalibrating their lives through a dance experience. Exit12's veteran-civilian movement workshop creates movement from experiences, veteran or civilian, either personal or shared.  It instills a reconnection to personal identity, and repurposes violent movement by creating awareness of intention.  The workshops are designed to engage groups in movement creation, self-esteem building, empathy enrichment, and teamwork.

PROGRAM (4 parts):

1 - MovementTalks' Edward Henkel interviews Exit12 Founder Roman Baca.

2 - Exit12 will demonstrate workshop techniques with four veterans in NYC. (Edward Henkel will follow these technique demonstrations with questions for Baca and the veterans)

3 - Performances (performed by professional dancers):

Sometimes, Silence - choreographed by an Army mom, Angela Scimonelli. A profile of watching her sons grow up, enlist, and get deployed to fight in Afghanistan. Score was composed by her brother Paul Scimonelli, a former Marine in the Marine Band.  


Conflict(ed) - a work that contrasts the military and Middle Eastern cultures. 


Aggressed/This is War - two movement studies performed alongside the poetry of USMC Combat Veteran William Michael Day, detailing the horrors of combat and the difficult return home. 


Yarjuun - "they hope" in Arabic, Yarjuun was choreographed in Iraq with students from Erbil and Kirkuk during a cultural diplomacy workshop.

4 - Testimonials from veterans about their participation in the Exit12 program.

Before the performance, we invite the audience to our current exhibition of work by photographer Bill Wright. Bill Wright: Veteransis on display now-Feb 27 in The Milton J. Weill Art Gallery.


Bill Wright writes of this important project:

"The Veterans project evolved organically. I am a photographer, an artist, a father, and a husband, living in a small town in Western Massachusetts. However; there is not any aspect of my life that isn't informed in some way by my experiences serving in the Air Force in the early 1990s during Desert Storm/Calm; - or from being raised by my uncle who was a Vietnam War Veteran.

I'm passionate about the people who live in the United States. While I was never in combat during Desert Storm/Calm, volunteering for the Air Force provided me with a human connection to: faces, feelings, family. I was defending my friends, my neighbors, my community, and our way of life. I viewed my military service as a necessary job that someone had to do in order to preserve freedom. It made sense in the deepest parts of me, in my life as an adult and a photographer, to look at veterans though my camera lens; to honor my fellow soldiers for their commitment to our country."

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