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ADG Festival 2013: Call for Choreography - Correction!

ADG Festival 2013: Call for Choreography - Correction!


Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 4:00pm

ADG 2013 Performance Festival November 8-10, 2013

Call for Choreography

ADG 2013 Performance Festival November 8-10, 2013


Cross-Pollination: ADG @ 92Y

Two modern dance legacies 

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Deadline: Friday May 24, 2013
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For our 2013 Performance Festival, we invite applications from contemporary dance artists of diverse backgrounds, ages and aesthetics throughout the United States and internationally. 


Four different programs will be presented during the festival on Friday through Sunday, November 8, 9 and 10.  This year we are very excited to be invited to present at the 92nd Street Y, marking a convergence of two important modern dance institutions.


ADG is dedicated to presenting the range and diversity of expression in current dance art practice and remembering our historical modern dance roots. The festival is unique in that each year we honor and present the work of two dance legends making the programs a vibrant blend of old and new. This year's honorees will be announced shortly.


It is not necessary to adhere to any theme. Please submit work that has not been seen in NYC in the past 3 months.


If you applied in the past and were not accepted, PLEASE apply again!   Feel free to circulate this form.


Submissions will be adjudicated by an invited group of professionals in the field. 


Technical Requirements:

Since each program may include 8-9 different pieces the tech requirements must be kept to a minimum.  NOTE: This year, we are not able to accommodate works involving film or video projection.


PARTICIPATION: To assist production, each choreographer will be expected to contribute two hours of work. This can include putting out flyers at dance studios, helping backstage, box office, ushers, reception, etc.


Questions:  please contact Gloria McLean 212-874-6947

Email: adgfest2012@gmail.com

FORMS AVAILABLE ONLINE:  http://americandanceguild.org/?page_id=335 



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