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AjkunBT in Australia‏

AjkunBT in Australia‏




Sydney and Melbourne


Friday, September 19, 2014 - 4:00pm
Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 1:00pm


AjkunBT s Calendar of Open Auditions in Australia has been announced. 


Sydney (NSW):  Friday, September 19, 2014

            Registration: 4:00pm                  Audition: 4:30pm

            Location: Sydney Dance Company

(The Wharf, Pier 4, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000)

Melbourne (VIC): Sunday, September 21, 2014

             Registration: 1:00pm                 Audition: 1:30pm

            Location: Ministry of Dance

             (Level 1/64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051)


The AjkunBT Company maintains a yearly season of 48 weeks; presenting an average of 100 performances in the United States and around the world with an active repertory of over 35 traditional ballets and contemporary works.

Our Summer programs Performing in New York and the Dance in Italy Festival in addition to our annual celebration of dance, New York Winter Festival, offer the exclusive opportunity for dancers to train and perform alongside AjkunBT Company Dancers, while receiving exposure on the USA and European markets.



The New York City ballet company scouts for new Talent all over Australia

(New York) August 29, 2014 Ajkun Ballet Theatre has toured Australia since 2002, with a variety of offerings ranging from performances, workshops and funding for dancers and dance students who are interested in what the United States offers for dance and ballet.

Australian dancer Ella Betts, who joined Ajkun Ballet Theatre from New South Wales in 2010, will be conducting Auditions throughout Australia. Offering employment and educational opportunities to dancers, Ajkun Ballet Theatre s multicultural roster features Australian professional dancers looking to broaden their performance opportunities overseas.  The highly competitive July & August program, Performing in New York, and the January Dance Celebration, New York Winter Festival, have customarily seen a significant participation of well-trained Australian dancers.

Dr. Chiara Ajkun, AjkunBT co-Artistic Director, says Australian dancers have great training, but could benefit from branching out more internationally at an early stage, for a seamless professional career. Receiving early exposure at a young age, like Annalise Malachowski, pictured, gives you a head start on other dancers   Finding an understanding with both American and Australian parties, since 2002 the tour continues to fund, partially or fully, the ones whose talent is worthy of an international horizon. 



About Ajkun Ballet Theatre in Australia

In 2001, the first representation of graduates from the Australian Ballet School attended Performing in New York, Ajkun Ballet Theatre s intensive program. The success of this first venture led to the invitation of Dr. Chiara Ajkun to teach in Professional Ballet Schools and Companies throughout Australia in 2002. The same year, the AjkunBT Fund received the first contributions from private and government organizations in Australia, aimed to facilitate participation from downunder to the various programs of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre.  Since, pre-professional and professional dancers from virtually all qualifying Dance Institutions in Australia have attended Performing in New York, benefiting from the enhanced training and exposure to AjkunBT s Partners in Dance, a network of over 150 dance companies, worldwide, that employ dancers from the Ajkun Ballet Theatre s roster and programs. From 2004, the Ajkun Ballet Theatre has brought its Company Artists to perform the Company s trademark repertoire throughout Australia. Since 2008 Australian Dance Students have been offered the opportunity to attend the Dance in Italy Festival, to reconcile their heritage with the opportunity to meet AjkunBT overseas. Australian Dancers have also attended the New York Winter Festival held annually in January - a celebration of dance through workshops and performances and a suitable introduction to the Big Apple for very young dancers.

Pre-professional and professional Dancers interested in auditioning may contact artisticstaff@ajkunbt.org or call Ella Betts at: (040)1559080

Audition details are published on www.ajkunbt.org | Auditions


Find out more about AjkunBT on Facebook: AjkunBT | Youtube: AjkunBT | Twitter: @AjkunBT | www.ajkunbt.org

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