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"An Evening with Hanna Q "

"An Evening with Hanna Q "


Hanna Q Dance Company


Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002


Friday, October 7, 2022 - 7:00pm



Hanna Q Dance Company

466 Grand Street New York, NY 10002


Johanna LjungQvist-Brinson (Hanna Q) will be premiering her new works while also showing
other “older” works in “An Evening with Hanna Q “at Abrons Arts Center. Friday, October 7th,
2022.  Tickets: $30 (Students /Seniors $20) Wine & Cheese Reception will follow direct after.
Dancers: Sophia Michitson, William Feldon, Lexi Sim, Giorgia Picano, Taylor Kindred.
MC: Wendy Stuart Kaplan.

Hanna Q lets her emotions and thoughts about what's happening around us out in her dance
moves. Her choreographic works are comprised of technically rigorous movements along with
partnering at once intricately acrobatic and viscerally human. With bursts of passion and athletic
expressions, Hanna Q Dance Company sweeps the audience into a world full of emotions. She
wants people to know that they are not alone. "Inclusiveness and empathy are important for our
wellbeing, not just in our community but in our world, on our planet Earth that we share together."

Hanna Q Dance Company will be performing 4 pieces:
1, THREAT TO FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY: this piece expresses her anxieties about
what is happening around the world. It began in 2017… She was afraid of what might start
happening in America, when she noticed the tendencies from political, religious groups,
representatives and politicians. She corresponded with her composer friend Stephane LeGouvello
(in Paris, France), and he composed the music based on her descriptions and video clips of dance
rehearsals. The choreography highlights Johanna’s fears of the threat to democracy and human
rights domestically, the terrorist attacks around the world, and her questions as to how these events
will affect our daily freedoms. She feels that if one believes their democracy and rights are being
taken away, that one should speak up. Many times, Johanna gains movement inspiration from her
dreams, but in this piece, she gains them from her nightmares.

Andare means "to go!" in Italian. This piece is about the frustrating feeling of being held back,
when wanting to go!  Wanting to go somewhere but can't... maybe being shut inside your
apartment during the Covid 19 pandemic quarantine, or other situations in life...

3. New piece … "As we grow... " premier October 7th
  4. WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE FINE:  also, to be premiered October 7th
.  “I felt a need for comfort in a tumultuous time, where I find myself repressing a state of panic,
when thinking of everything that’s going on. What are we leaving to our children,
grandchildren…what kind of world? A livable planet? A loving society? I started listening to this
music and found myself calming down, my heart beat slowing and I started thinking dance moves.
This is a dance to comfort; this is a dance of hope!”

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