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Announcing Triskelion's Fall Line-Up‏

Announcing Triskelion's Fall Line-Up‏


Triskellion Arts


Triskelion Arts’ Muriel Schulman Theater: 106 Calyer Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 8:00pm

Triskellion Arts


Triskelion Arts Presents’ Fall Season

September – December, 2014


at our NEW facility:

Triskelion Arts’ Muriel Schulman Theater

106 Calyer Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Brooklyn, NY: Triskelion Arts is proud to announce the line-up of artists for the inaugural season at our new Greenpoint facility. Individual releases will follow with in-depth information on each production. Please contact us for reservations to any of the following performances. We look forward to sharing this new home with you among our growing family of artists and patrons.





Thursday-Sunday, September 11-14 at 8pm

This year’s festival, celebrating the spirit of collaboration, includes:

Natasa Trifan Performance, Trina Mannino and Ariel Rosen Brown, The Stillness Rebellion, E.lind Dance Collaborations, Lindsey Mandolini, Jade Daugherty, Lauren Slivosky Choreography, Inimois Dance, caitlin+dancers, The Lovelies, Michael Abbatiello/lostinflow, Kyle Marshall, Liz Charky + Company, Lydia Mokdessi, Same as Sister (S.A.S.), Miriam Gabriel, Kate Lee, Sarah Richman, Artichoke Dance Company, and LJ Leach/Movement Arts.


Split Bill

Thursday-Sunday, September 25-28 at 7:30pm

The Split Bill program is designed to support emerging dance artists looking for a stepping-stone between the showcase format and full-on, evening-length self-production. At least two of the participating artists or companies will be selected to share a run as part of the Triskelion Arts Presents program during the 2015-2016 Season.

September’s series features Justin Rivera, DanceTheYard, Quentin Burley, and Sum Bones Co.


Launch Movement Experiment and Second Nature

Friday, October 3rd at 8pm and Saturday, October 4 at 3pm and 8pm

Launch Movement Experiment’s latest experiment features an improvised collaboration of lighting, sound, and movement. Unfettered by prescriptive notions, the work is an immediate, spontaneous composition. It is action without pre-planning. Each moment, the performers consider their external and internal dreams, allowing hidden narratives to emerge. In the forms and fractures of this work, we see ourselves. Lighting by Andy Dickerson. Moves by Rachel Mckinstry. Sound by Layton Weedeman.

This musical/physical/vocal exposure of the present moment reveals what we’ve known all along – nothing happens for a reason. Next to nothing, there’s always something clamoring to exist. In this fully improvised performance, Second Nature’s Triad Without Title, distinctly evolved narratives dovetail with intricately ferocious dances. Songs avalanche out of sound and morph into gestural architectures with a keen ear for broken rhythms and altered states of mind. Will-o’-the-wisp moment is made flesh in the company’s ongoing exploration of physical immediacy and the poetic supernatural, with a real-as-your-hometown comic flare. Performed by Cassie Tunick, Heather Harpham, and Danny Tunick.



Friday and Saturday, October 10-11 at 8pm

I don’t know who Harold is, but I’m pretty sure I hate him. Florida, 1985. Chris isn’t eating his broccoli. There’s a knock at the door. Grams says it’s a little boy named Harold who lives upstairs. He has come to eat our dinner. We clean the plates just in time, but he returns again and again. Harold, I hate you. is an exploration of the many incarnations “the boy from upstairs” took on in cakeface’s rabid imagination. It’s an investigation of omnipresent insecurities, that are, perhaps, imaginary.


Matthew Westerby Company & Bill Young/Colleen Thomas

Thursday, October 16 and Saturday, October 18 at 8pm

Matthew Westerby Company premieres a new work that considers the connection we make between physical objects and memory, and the inevitable impermanence of the things and people that we value most. With an athletic yet fluid approach to movement and a vivid, driving sound score, this full-company work explores the plexus of emotions we have in relation to our possessions and the critical link that this provides to the past.

Bill Young/Colleen Thomas reach toward the outermost extremes of physical dance – the movements topple over each other with the intensity and urgency of a white-water rapid – while forging a choreographic world full of emotional range and power. At once abstract and intensely felt, the dancing springs from an investigation of the immediacy of human interactions on stage, and a fascination with the inherent character and expressive power of the purely physical impulse. The company shares an intimate evening of small works, all created individually (some by Bill and some by Colleen) that are not usually shown in the context of their performances, including brand-new material as well as works-in-progress.

Karen Bernard

Friday, October 17 and Sunday, October 19 at 8pm

Karen Bernard has unflinchingly used her own aging body for decades as a vehicle to alter the definitions of dance and dancer. In the early 1990s, her work shifted significantly, with a ripple effect on performance art still perceptible today. 1993-1996 It Could Have Been Different, excerpts from four seminal works Bernard created between 1993 and 1996, with original costumes by Liz Prince, sound scores by Wendy Chambers, and popular music deconstructed by Brooks Williams, will be performed by Donna Costello, Jil Guyon, Ryan Migge, Lisa Parra, and Stacy Lynn Smith. The premiere of Bernard's Suspending and Other Tricks takes audiences on a voyeuristic journey, sharing a birds-eye view from outside an arched window to the inside of a room where Bernard grapples with the limitations of aging and mortality, a journey now closer to its end than its beginning; an intimate and moving experience between audience and performer. Creation of performance and videography by Karen Bernard in collaboration with costume designer Hwa Park and sound-installation artist Boris Billier.


Becky | Radway | Dance | Projects

Thursday-Saturday, November 6-8 at 8pm

In keeping with the company's goal to create innovative movement and powerful imagery, Becky Radway Dance Projects premieres its latest evening-length work, A Delicate Madness. Set, metaphorically, over the course of a single night, this ghostly work investigates the visceral cycle of anger and acceptance. Beautifully twisted movement, striking visuals, and a haunting original score are used to represent this inner struggle, riding a fine line between fury and insanity. Spanning what is typically an un-seeable journey, the work reflects on the moments we choose to hold in or need to let out, how such feelings affect our physicality and ability to sleep, and how we can become unreasonable without our own knowledge. A Delicate Madness encompasses the fragility of human emotion, our desperate apologies, and learning to trust our own judgment in irrational moments.


Jessica Gaynor Dance

Friday, November 14 - Sunday, November 16 at 8pm, and November 15th at 3pm

Hailed for its “risk-laden” (DIY Dancer) choreography and “sophisticated approach to pure-dance” (The New Yorker), Jessica Gaynor Dance performs pieces that utilize kinetic physicality, intricate patterning, and formal structures in an exploration of the complexities of human experience. Pieces are constructed around core themes such as space, time and energy, and include an interplay between explosive athleticism and rich design. In her ninth season presented by Triskelion Arts, Gaynor will premiere a work that explores force as it applies to the body, exertion, space, and contact. Live music composed by Quentin Tolimieri.


Split Bill

Thursday-Sunday, November 20-23 at 7:30pm

November’s series features Julia Jurgilewicz for RedCurrant Collective, seymour//dancecollective, The People Movers, and BARKIN/SELISSEN PROJECT.


Chia-Ying Kao

Thursday, December 11 at 7pm and Friday, December 12 at 9pm

With Where Your Voices Are, choreographer Chia-Ying Kao presents a multi-disciplinary dance piece that blends movements with multimedia staging and music in collaboration with composer Giacomo Merega. Elaborating on themes of cultural conflict, power struggle, widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life, the work explores the evolving dynamics of how personal and national identity are perceived in a globalized society. These performances will be the culmination of a work-in-progress during which the choreographer will engage in workshops with local communities in Brooklyn to promote a critical reflection on identity and political hegemony. This work employs dramatic juxtapositions of Chinese folk dance styles with techniques of contemporary dance in a broad expressive range, from harsh to disarmingly harmonious, interacting with both music and video content. This project is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).


Spark(edIt) Arts and Guests

Thursday and Friday, December 18-19 at 8pm

Spark(edIt) Arts celebrates Triskelion’s first Greenpoint season with a pilot endeavor called Soft Openings – an evening dedicated to tackling performance as research. Spark(edIt) Arts has invited three New York-based artists to show iterations of their latest works: Nadia Tykulsker, Tyler Ashley, and Saul Ulerio. Join us as these pieces meet their first audiences. Each artist is deeply invested in using the experience of presentation to inform the development of the works being shown. Tykulsker’s newest project seeks to tread the line between reality and fantasy in hopes of reinventing the way we function as a community within the structure of “performance.” In KIDNAP ME, Ashley investigates providing for an unborn family, answering to hunger of all kinds, and the slutty hustle of a wannabe-star. Ulerio presents preparatory exercise no. 10: nodancer, a piece that deals with the exuberant and dramatic complexions of the artist’s interest in expressing folklore, opera, and Ingmar Bergman. 



Saturday and Sunday, December 20-21 at 8pm

ChrisMastersDance's new work, Exit Strategies, focuses on the phenomenology of black holes. Rife with storytelling, intricate patterns, and lush partnering, the work troubles with issues of identity, home, and necessary chaos. Director Chris Masters continues his collaborative engagement with composer Sven Britt (of Stranger Cat and Ex-Fiancée), and adds the richness of renowned photographer Robert Flynt in this large ensemble work. 


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Triskelion Arts Presents productions are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.


For more information, visit www.triskelionarts.org.

The Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts

106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (at the corner of Banker Street)

718-599-3577 / info@triskelionarts.org

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