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BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange hosts 3rd annual Artist Services Day

BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange hosts 3rd annual Artist Services Day


BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange


421 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope
Manhattan, NY


Sunday, February 7, 2016 - 11:00am



BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Join us for our 3rd annual
Artist Services Day

FEBRUARY 7, 2016
11:00AM - 7:00PM
All workshops are FREE,
but registration is strongly encouraged
Suggested contribution $5
for the day. 


For close to twenty-five years BAX has been at the forefront of developing and supporting dance, theater and performance artists through an array of programs and services that make up an artistic home for so many.

Artist Services Day features an array of talks and workshops designed to support working dance, theater, performance artists and their supporters. Join us along with Paloma McGregor & Dancing While Black Fellows, Parent/Artists, (ACRE) Artists Co-creating Real Equity, the Helix Queer Performance Network, Donna Costello & BAX's Education Department, and more for an unparalleled day of learning & sharing. Concluding a full day of thought provoking and inspiring workshops is the panel "The Partnership -- a conversation between institutions and artists." 
Be sure to stick around for the reception afterwards where we will be kicking off our 25th year serving arts and artists in progress. 
Come celebrate with us!
Warmly, BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange


CHILDCARE is available (free) by reservation one week in advance for participating adults.  
Please email artistservices@bax.org with names, ages of children and what time periods you are in need of childcare.



Dancing While Black Fellowship Roundtable 

Directed by BAX/AIR Paloma McGregor and supported by the Surdna Foundation.
Digging into issues identified by the 2015-16 cohort of Dancing While Black Fellows. 

The DWB cohort includes: Brother(hood) Dance! (Orlando Hunter and Ricarrdo Valentine), Jonathan Gonzalez, Marguerite Hemmings, Sydnie L. Mosley, Candace Thompson, Shamar Watt and nyx zierhut. 

Parent/Artist Create  
Led by Adrienne Westwood, Nami Yamamoto, Karen Grenke
and Sarita Covington  
Join Adrienne Westwood, Nami Yamamoto, Karen Grenke and Sarita Covington, four parent artists and past recipients of the BAX Parent/Artist Space Grant, (with your kids) to create community and art as a family. It will be fun, open, and is an opportunity for parent-artists together with their children of all ages to engage in creative exploration.

BAX/2016 Artist Applications 

11:30am- 12:30pm

A Q&A with BAX Founding & Executive Director Marya Warshaw.

Appetizer Workshop for ACRE  
(Artists Co-creating Real Equity) 

1:00 - 3:00pm
The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond focuses on understanding what racism is, where is comes from, how is functions, why it persists and how it can be undone.

This workshop will serve as an introduction to or an "appetizer" for The People's Institute 2.5 day training entitled UNDERSTANDING & UNDOING RACISM -- COMMUNITY ORGANIZING FOR ARTISTS.

It will focus on: 
How can we add equity to arts funding?
How do our solidarity movements thrive or not?
How can we improve our community engagement & "audience development?"

BAX Artist in Residence Open Studios II
Featuring work by Ni'Ja Witson and Will Davis 
1:00 - 3:00pm
Join choreographer Ni'Ja Witson and playwright/director Will Davis in the studio for a look into their work and creative process.

Helix Queer Performance Network presents:
What does queer performance want (part 2):
A long table conversation 
3:30 - 5:00pm

A free-flowing conversation about queer performance, this town hall forum will give intersecting queer communities, artists and audiences a chance to engage with the issues facing us today. Utilizing Lois Weaver's Long Table format, everyone is welcome to participate, and no topic is off limits. Part 1 of this event, in December 2012, was one of the motivating factors behind founding The Helix Queer Performance Network.

Multiple Entry Points To Creative Collaborative Work
Facilitated by Donna Costello and BAX Education Department

3:00 - 5:00pm
Celebrating and drawing from 25 years of BAX teaching and learning, this workshop will highlight three entry points - skill building, experiential activities, and personal inquiry - that facilitators can draw upon when creating collaborative performance work with young artists. Through three BAX program scenarios - studio program, seasonal program, and public school art residencies - participants will experience and discuss how these entry points can be harnessed and built upon to create original work. Additional key teaching and learning terms and tools, including BAX Best Practices, will be provided.

Report Out

5:00- 5:30pm

Two minute summary/share on each workshop. Everyone is welcome. We will look at themes that have emerged throughout the day.

Notes will be published at a later date.

The Partnership
  Artists and Artistic Directors, Funders, Producer


Join us for a conversation on what makes an organization relevant and accessible to artists and communities. 

What makes for a dynamic, fruitful partnership? 
What constitutes a strong relationship between an artist and an organization?
Where do funders fit in? 
What do artists know and what would serve them to understand about the institutions they interact with?

Confirmed Participants: luciana achugar, Moira Brennan, Will Davis, Levi Gonzalez, Taylor Mac, Malcolm Jason Low, Craig Peterson, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Risa Shoup, Maria Striar, Shay Wafer, Sacha Yanow.

BAX 25TH Anniversary Reception and Launch!!


After a full day of inspiring and provocative discussion and community, join us for an hour of fun and celebration as BAX kicks off its 25th year of arts and artists in progress.


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