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BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA: Katarína Zagorski presents "Parsifal's Procession" from Zámocká

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA: Katarína Zagorski presents "Parsifal's Procession" from Zámocká


Katarína Zagorski


Zámocká Street (through the streets of Bratislava’s Old Town and back to the Tepláreň Bar)
Zámocká-Michalská-Hviezdoslavovo Square-Laurinská-Kamenné Square-Primaciálne Square-Ventúrska-Zámocká-Tepláreň Bar


Sunday, September 24, 2023 - 3:00pm



Katarína Zagorski

Parsifal's Procession from Zámocká

As part of Slovenská Tepláreň initiative, the largest cultural event in the history of Slovakia

We will go from Zámocká Street through the streets of Bratislava’s Old Town
and back to the Tepláreň Bar at Zámocká Street

Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 3 - 4pm


Parsifal’s Procession was created in Limerick in 2005 as Part III of the Parsifal Project by Katarína Zagorski commissioned by Framemakers Symposium. It sets the ancient story of Parsifal at the Fisher King's Castle into the present-day city to make people ask the question that could save the kingdom.

In 2022 it was revived for Pohoda Festival and as 'Parsifal's Procession from Zámocká' for Slovenská Tepláreň initiative.

Concept by Katarína Zagorski     
Performed by Samuel Kmotorka, Adam Druga, Greta Grega and Katarína Zagorski     
Bride’s Dress by Jana Kuzmová     
Graphic Design by Tereza Maco/Pohoda Festival     
Produced by Katarína Zagorski and Michal Kaščák/Pohoda Festival 2022
Thanks to Martin Zúbek and The Pálffy Palace at Zámocká Street in Bratislava

Slovenská Tepláreň Initiative Statement:

We want to contribute to positive change in our country, which has been affected by hate crimes and the terrorist attack on October 12, when Matej Horváth and Juraj Vankulič were murdered.

We want Slovakia to be a country where everyone can feel safe and where belonging to a minority is accepted with respect as a natural part of society.

We would like to call on people to vote in the upcoming elections for those parties that unite society and that work to ensure that Slovakia fulfils the rights enshrined in our Constitution and in our European commitments for all people without discrimination.

We want to change the legislation so that it guarantees a full life for all people in Slovakia.

We want our support for LGBTI+ people to be heard, we believe in the power of art and civil society and that is why we are organising the second wave of Slovenská Tepláreň Festival.

You can register your club, bar, pub and other venue or art project for the Slovenská Tepláreň initiative at slovenskateplaren@pohodafestival.sk


Parsifal's Procession from Zámocká 2022: Short video

Parsifal's Dance: Short film



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