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Brother(hood) Dance! and Ob!ka Dance Collective

Brother(hood) Dance! and Ob!ka Dance Collective


Brother(hood) Dance!


Five Myles: 558 Saint Johns Place, Brooklyn, NYC


Thursday, September 11, 2014 - 7:00pm


Suggested Donation of $10 at the door

Brother(hood) Dance!



Brother(hood) Dance! & Ob!ka Dance


Performance Run September 11, 2014; 7pm @ FiveMyles Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

(September 11, 2014 – New York) – FiveMyles Art Gallery, Presents Brother(hood) Dance & Ob!ka Dance, SUN/SON on the evening of September 11th at FiveMyles Art Gallery, 558 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, NY 7:00pm. Brother(hood) Dance & Ob!ka Dance performance has a suggested donation of $10; however, no one will be turned away, due to financial challenges. This one night program presents SUN/SON by two Brooklyn based choreographers and one Miami based choreographer that is a dance collective of color; LGBT choreographers and woman of color choreographer. Brother(hood) Dance! choreographic process thoroughly examines the intersection between gender, social, political and cultural constructs of western philosophies, and livelihoods from a African diaspora male perspective. Through the use of Brother(hood)’s personal experiences, historical and current references and accounts, the organization seeks to better understand how freedom has been an unattainable right due to governmental restrictions.

Sun/Son is a multidimensional dance experience that seeks to excavate the meaning of freedom that exists in a metaphorical and realistic form of SUN/ SON. Freedom, as bright as our sun, the brightest star in our solar system and our main source of energy, our energy, SUN, shine bright. Freedom as a boy-child is birthed, a gift, greeting and camaraderie. SON, shine bright. When getting scolded or clowned the phrase ” You got burned son!” is commonly referring to the suns intensity which was coming from another persons words (i.e. intensity of words equal sun energy/ burning rays.) A metaphor for the value of our Son’s lives being intensified by the governing restrictions. Being burnt by the system that the devalues, oppresses, and dehumanizes our black skin, the end result the prison industrial system, or even DEATH…. SUN/ SON keep going, your energies are needed? Dance Son! Dance Sun! Shine Bright.

This program is curated by FiveMyles artistic consultant, Marine. Brother(hood) Dance! and Ob!ka Dance will bring their creation to the FiveMyles space on September 11,2014. Brother(hood) Dance! & Ob!ka Dance is being presented for the first time at FiveMyles Art Gallery. FiveMyles will give the artist a chance to receive feedback on the work they are developing from a live audience. It gives Brother(hood) Dance! & Ob!ka Dance audiences a peek into the incubating creative process of the artists.


“A powerful, elegant, and moving performance by fearless and talented young artists who subtly remind us that much is to be done in the realm of racial and gender equality.”
— Marine, FiveMyles

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