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Codice Rosso Theatre presents "DISCONNECT"

Codice Rosso Theatre presents "DISCONNECT"


Monday, April 22, 2013 - 4:00pm

The inaugural performance of an exciting new piece at the BAM Fisher Theater on June 28th @ 7pm

Trailer DISCONNECT by Codice Rosso Theatre

Codice Rosso Theatre will perform its new work titled DISCONNECT at the BAM’s newest theater, BAM Fisher on June 28, 2013.
DISCONNECT is the result of a long creative process based on both physical and psychological development, a journey into the depths of the human psyche told through movement. CodRosso is constantly exploring dance as a means of illuminating the most intimate parts of life.
From the barrier of the social mask to the bitter truth of our deepest secrets, DISCONNECT poses the question: What do we really know about ourselves?
Recreating a new environment on stage transforming the space using simple props, the process mirrors the unpredictable path of life’s journey allowing the company to live in the creative process.
Directed and choreographed by: Gessica Paperini & Valentina Priolo
Performance by: Licia Calcagno, Rebekah J Kennedy, Maiko Matsui, Gessica Paperini, Valentina Priolo, Motoko Tadano
Music mixed by: Valentina Priolo
Production Manager: Ben Martin
Costumes by: Gessica Paperini
Graphic design: Ennio Puglisi
Special thanks to: Kathleen Fiorello (Co-Producer), Eric Ragan Director of The Long Island City School of Ballet (LICSB)
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Official donors for DISCONNECT: Corey T. Clark, Joanna Delson, Melissa Carter, Ragini Bhaumik, Samuel, Bill Hebert, John Zdrojeski, Kalin Ivanov, Adam Grossman, Jeanne Martin, Giaimo Silvana, Krysten Kimmett, Susannah Rinaldi, Paul, Alexander Morgan, Justin Lukach, Charla Morgan, Lydia Schuth, Carrie Kaufman Martin, Brad Martin, Heidi Zdrojeski, Michael Grossman, Nicole Greenblatt, Maria Kippes.
We need your support to be able to go on making new works, building up new pieces and being able to share them with the audience!



BAM Fisher ( Fishman Space )

321 Ashland Place

Brooklyn, NY 11217

” This rental event is not presented by BAM. Regular BAM house and ticketing policies may not apply.”

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