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DANCE - "Contrasts"; an Evening of Diversity in Dance


Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 4:00am

MORALESDANCE and Director Tony Morales present "Contrasts"; an Evening of Diversity in Dance

DANCE – “Contrasts”; an Evening of Diversity in Dance

MORALESDANCE and Director Tony Morales present “Contrasts”; an Evening of Diversity in Dance

@ The Theater of The Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Ave  NY, NY 10027

Sept 22nd @ 8pm and 23rd @ 3pm.

Tickets - 5

For tickets call 212 870 6784 OR log onto www.circularpower.com

Click MoralesDance and then Click Purchase Tickets


Choreographers; Tony Morales, Lydia Johnson, Yesid Lopez and Henning Rubsam.

Special Guest Artists; Concert Pianist Sandro Russo and Soprano Mary Ann Stewart



MoralesDance will present 3 diverse works: “Scenes” (Revised) uses the music of Marcello and Chopin. This piece looks at the power of the Human spirit, community, togetherness and how we need to embrace each other as a human family to succeed.  Next, MoralesDance will  Premier  ‘Amor Brutal,”  a domestic drama dealing with the affects of growing up in a broken family. This piece will highlight Mary Ann Stewart soprano voice singing 4 of Manuel de Falla’s Popular Spanish Songs accompanied on the piano by Sandro Russo. The 5th section of the piece is set to the singing of the Late Isaac “Casito” Morales in title piece “Amor Brutal”. Finally, MoralesDance will present “Piano Pieces”, a light piece comprised of 3 duets using the music of Muller, Scriabin and Scarlatti . Featured dancers for MoralesDance include Alison Cook Beatty, Nicole Corea, MarieLorene Fichaux, Leonel Linares, Kate Loh and Jerome Stigler.


Guest Choreographer Lydia  Johnson and Dancers, presents Change of Heart (2012), a work for 9 dancers set to the Three Part Variations of J.S. Bach as played by Andras Schiff. The piece is abstract and yet contains a sense of both community and of varying story lines, emerging and fading with each variation.


Yesid Lopez will present “Strings” using the music of Michael Nyman and Dvorak. This piece is an all female quartet that embodies the pure and divine nature of femininity. It is an homage to the unfathomable essence of women and their journey throughout time.


Finally, Henning Rubsam will present “HALF-LIFE, a dynamic quartet  set to music of Laibach. The title alludes to the decay time of radioactive particles, in light of the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent reactor melt-down in Japan earlier this year.


* If you would like more info on this project, for tickets, or would like to set up an interview with Tony Morales, please feel free to call or e-mail.

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