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DancEthos Works With Guest Choreographers For Wide Ranging Concert

DancEthos Works With Guest Choreographers For Wide Ranging Concert


Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 5:20am

DancEthos Works With Guest Choreographers

For Wide Ranging Concert


DancEthos performs the works of talented choreographers Vladimir Angelov, Christopher K. Morgan, Erica Rebollar, Katerina Rodgaard and DancEthos directors Tiffany Haughn and Carolyn Kamrath at Dance Place on Saturday, November 10 at 8pm and Sunday, November 11 at 4pm.

The DancEthos repertory is moving, high spirited and performed by an ensemble of 14 dancers with boundless energy and abandonment. The performance ranges from the abstract colliding of bodies to a fast paced romp through the REM cycle of sleep, and from explorations of love, gender consciousness and Parkinson’s disease to a journey inside of a painting. 

Choreographed by Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn, The Divide explores our gender consciousness. DancEthos is sharing the stage with The West Shore Piano Trio who will be performing the evocative music of Rebecca Clarke.The dance is in three parts that depict: a world with no gender biases juxtaposed against the reality of the stark gender gap; communication barriers between opposite sexes; and the stereotypes that we fall into and how uncomfortable we become when those gender roles are reversed. 

DancEthos Assistant Director Carolyn Kamrath continues her abstract work, Incessant, interpreting how the physical and emotional symptoms of Parkinson’s disease progress and change. Though the piece is inspired by her Grandfather, it does not portray a specific narrative. Using movements “phrased in patterns that created a cryptic beauty” (Lauren Green,  danceDC), the work reflects the loss of connection between mind and body.

Jagged Edge, by Christopher K. Morgan, is an abstract dance inspired by images of impact: the impact between colliding bodies, between contrasting pieces of music, and contrasting movement ideas within a single body that create tension, force and release. Though meaningful images began to emerge in the creation of the dance, it is made with the intention that audiences can discover their own meaning through the imagery suggested by the dance.

Directed by Erica Rebollar, Rick’s Dream is a fast paced romp through the REM cycle of sleep. Based within a dream, waves of movement and disjointed ideas overlap in the mind's stream of consciousness.

Framework, choreographed by Vladimir Angelov, takes the audience on a journey inside of a painting as the portrait of a woman comes to life through dance. When she exits the frame, she splits into six different shadow personalities who are trying to force her back into the confines of the frame. In the end, the question is whether or not those confines are actually what she craves or will she chose freedom?

Katerina Rodgaard’s Shut Up and Love One Another explores the depths a person can achieve in their psyche both to a negative state of mind and to an enlightened state of mind.  Fear, selfishness, self-loathing, envy, anger and despair are some of the emotions we must all go through until we realize it is only our perceptions that need changing.  The answer is simple in thought and yet difficult in practice.  This piece will explore the negative emotions as well as emotions of love, self-respect, gratitude and happiness.  In the end, happiness is a choice. 

About DancEthos:

By making dances that reflect the beliefs and spirit of our culture, DancEthos works towards representing the true purpose of art in reducing the distance between two people. DancEthos is committed to presenting a variety of artistic voices and visions and therefore collaborates with a number of different choreographers and guest artists in each performance. Not only does this make for performances that are full of diversity, but it helps to build a stronger, more connected arts community. By creating and performing work that is accessible to the non-dancer audience member, DancEthos hopes to foster dialogue through dance and broaden the DC metropolitan dance audience base. Founded in 2010 by Tiffany Haughn in the Washington DC metropolitan area, DancEthos is a Modern dance company and a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. www.dancethos.org


WHAT: DancEthos

WHEN: Saturday, November 10 at 8pm and Sunday, November 11 at 4pm

WHERE: Dance Place, 3225 8th Street NE, Washington DC 20017; two blocks from Redline Brookland/CUA Metro station; free and convenient parking 

TICKETS: 2 General Admission; 7 Dance Place Members, Seniors, Teachers, Artists, Military; 0 College Students; for Children (17 & under) 

To purchase tickets visit www.danceplace.org or call (202) 269-1600


About Dance Place:

Founded in 1980, Dance Place builds a community of dance artists, audiences, and students through high quality performances, commissions, training and educational program. We are committed to enriching the field of dance locally, nationally and internationally. Our thriving arts campus serves as an anchor in the development of our Brookland neighborhood in Washington, DC.


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