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Dance at Mount Tremper Arts

Dance at Mount Tremper Arts


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 4:55pm

Jun 15 - Aug 24, 2013

The summer festival at Mount Tremper Arts is set to begin on June 15 with the premiere of Distance Measures from choreographer Abigail LevinePerformed in darkness, lit only by moving LED candles, Distance Measures borrows elements from mathematical models of chaotic systems. More info can be found below.
Other dance events at Mount Tremper Arts include:
July 6Dancer Michelle Boulé and cellist Okkyung Lee push sonic and choreographic boundaries to the edge in BREAK>Urge>Imprint, an atmospheric work rooted in improvisation.
July 27Bessie Award-winner Karinne Keithley Syers’s interdisciplinary solo Another Tree Dance is a serene, yet demanding, meditation on a life and the creative practice. Please note this performance is not open for review.
August 3Born in Burkina Faso, Souleymane Badolo explores his African heritage and traces the journey of his great-great grandfather in the powerful solo Buudou, BADOO, BADOLO.  
August 24The beloved and irreverent CATCH curates a special edition of their multi-disciplinary performance series.
Here's some photos of the gorgeous venue.
Here's some photos from past events.

I hope you'll join me this summer,
John Wyszniewski | Blake Zidell & Associates | http://twitter.com/wyszniewski
o: 718.643.9052 | c: 347.416.3881 | john@blakezidell.com
For Immediate Release
April 29, 2013
Sixth Annual Festival Features Adventurous Artists, Intimate Audience Experiences and Unique “Art-B-Qs,” All Nestled in the Catskill Mountains
“If your summer has room for only one quick dance getaway, you won’t do better than this interdisciplinary, artist-run festival in the Catskills.” – The New York Times
Mount Tremper Arts has quickly established itself as an innovative arts center that supports and presents leading contemporary artists in the remarkable setting of the Catskill Mountains. Its 6th annual Summer Festival not only showcases risk-taking work, but also fosters an environment where audiences and artists can come together to form a community that values dialogue and experimentation. Inspired in part by the locavore movement, Mount Tremper Arts is itself an experiment—one rooted in the idea that place and context matter. 
The organization is pleased to announce the lineup for the sixth annual Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival, 11 weeks of programming where art can be a radical adventure and audiences, along with artists, can have a relaxing environment for nourishing their shared curiosity.
This year’s programming features:
Groundbreaking Music Events
• The award-winning International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and The Troupe perform the world premiere of Mesh, about vulnerability, connection and fundamental aspects of shared experience. 
• ICE Flutist and MacArthur Fellow Claire Chase and percussionist Svet Stoyanov explore facets of loneliness in composer Marcos Balter’s Poe, a world premiere music drama based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “Alone.”
• A daylong, site-specific performance of Robert Ashley’s landmark Perfect Lives, adapted by composer-performer collective Varispeed and staged throughout the Catskills in a market, bank, church and other locales. 
• Varispeed attempts to perform composer Art Jarvinen’s “unperformable” Adult Party Games from the Leisure Planet, a collection of wild performance pieces, text scores and musical activities.
Visceral Dance Works
• Dancer Michelle Boulé and cellist Okkyung Lee push sonic and choreographic boundaries to the edge in BREAK>Urge>Imprint, an atmospheric work rooted in improvisation.
• Performed in darkness, lit only by moving LED candles, choreographer Abigail Levine’s Distance Measures borrows elements from mathematical models of chaotic systems.
• Bessie Award-winner Karinne Keithley Syers’s interdisciplinary solo Another Tree Dance is a serene, yet demanding, meditation on a life and the creative practice.
• Born in Burkina Faso, Souleymane Badolo explores his African heritage and traces the journey of his great-great grandfather in the powerful solo Buudou, BADOO, BADOLO.  
Boundary-Pushing Performance and Spoken Word Events
• Actor Paul Lazar channels artist Suzanne Bocanegra in a unique work that’s part artist’s talk, part performance, part cultural history and part sound installation. 
• Poets Craig Dworkin and Mónica de la Torre premiere new work in Pork and Poetry!
• The beloved and irreverent CATCH curates a special edition of their multi-disciplinary performance series.
This year’s festival includes three Art-B-Qs (June 29, August 17 and 24), signature events that best capture the essence of Mount Tremper Arts. In these hybrid evenings, artists share their work with audiences, and then all feast together on produce harvested from the Mount Tremper Arts garden along with meats provided courtesy of Fleisher’s Grass-fed & Organic Meats. Dinner is prepared by Mount Tremper Arts Artistic Director and Co-Founder Mathew Pokoik.
Pokoik commented, “In subtle, but important ways, Mount Tremper Arts offers an alternative to the prevailing model of creating and experiencing art—an antidote to spectacle. A necessary and fun alternative based on the beliefs that art can truly be transformative for all, that a question can offer insight, and that a simple conversation can be a doorway.” 
Individual tickets for all performances, except Perfect Lives, and Art-B-Qs (including dinner and performance) are 0, and are available at mounttremperarts.org, 866-811-4111 and in-person at the box office (one hour before the event begins). All events, except Perfect Lives, begin at 8pm. Season tickets, priced at 5, provide access to all events including the Art-B-Qs. 
Mount Tremper Arts is located at 647 South Plank Rd in Mount Tremper, NY near the towns of Phoenicia and Woodstock, approximately two hours from New York City. Shuttle vans from Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be available on June 22, July 13, August 17 and 24. Priced at 5, these tickets include round-trip transportation and admission for one.
Visit mounttremperarts.org or call 845-688-9893 for more information.
Press Contacts: John Wyszniewski and Blake Zidell at Blake Zidell & Associates: 718.643.9052, john@blakezidell.com or blake@blakezidell.com.
Distance Measures
As Sugar Loaves Train Horses (work-in-progress)
Choreographed by Abigail Levine
June 15 at 8pm; 0
“In Distance Measures, Abigail Levine ingeniously turns a task-oriented arrangement of synthetic light objects into a sacred ritual that suggests nothing less than the creation of the universe with light...The work is quite simply inspired.” – choreographer Mark Dendy
Performed in darkness, lit only by moving LED candles, Distance Measures borrows elements from mathematical models of chaotic systems. This beautiful, highly structured dance improvisation choreographed by Abigail Levine evolved collaboratively alongside Derek Bermel's Orbit Design, a musical algorithm inspired by the three-body problem in celestial mechanics. 
As Sugar Loaves Train Horses, a work in progress, transposes sections of John Cage's Lecture on Nothing onto bodies in space. The dance houses movement sentences in which dancers literally mark their movements on the walls and floor. The space, in turn, comes to reflect the particulars of the dancers’ bodies, as well as an accumulation of the performance itself. As John Cage wrote, “Structure is simple because it can be thought out, figured out, measured. It is a discipline which, accepted, in return accepts whatever, even those rare moments of ecstasy, which, as sugar loaves train horses, train us to make what we make.”
Choreographer and performer Abigail Levine brings together the rigors and resources of dance's bodily specificity with performance art's experiments with time and human action. She has presented her works in the U.S., Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Taiwan. Composer and clarinetist Derek Bermel is Artistic Advisor to the American Composers Orchestra and is currently in residence at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, NJ and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. 
Distance Measures was developed in part through The Field’s Artward Bound Residency Program. Orbit Design was commissioned for the 2012 Look and Listen Festival with a generous gift from Augusta Gross and Leslie B. Samuels. 
Mesh (World Premiere)
International Contemporary Ensemble – ICE
Composed by Lisa Coons and performed in collaboration with The Troupe
June 21 and 22 at 8pm; 0
“[ICE is] one of the most accomplished and adventurous groups in new music.” – The New York Times
Mesh is a study of vulnerability and connection. In this collaborative work, musicians and dancers explore different ways an individual is understood, lost, reimagined, erased, and reformed through the eyes and ears of others. Created through the ICElab commissioning program, Mesh focuses on touch, movement, and sound—fundamental aspects of shared experience.
The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) is dedicated to reshaping the way music is created and experienced. The award-winning ensemble is in residence at the Mostly Mozart Festival of Lincoln Center through 2013. Mesh marks their third consecutive year at the Festival. Lisa Coons is a composer and sound artist with a special affinity for noise composition, collaboration, and experimentation. She is a 2013 ICElab composer. Founded by Zack Winokur and Michelle Mola in 2009, The Troupe is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of choreography across disciplines. 
Lisa Coons’ participation in ICElab is supported by the MAP Fund, a program of Creative Capital supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Troupe’s participation in ICElab is supported by the New Essential Works Program of the Jerome Robbins Foundation.
Pork and Poetry!
Craig Dworkin
Mónica de la Torre
Art-B-Q event
June 29 at 8pm; 0
Craig Dworkin premieres his long poem “The Falls,” which is part lyric catalogue of the sculptural condition of everything beholden to gravity; part essay on French Modernism; part elegy; and part grammatical investigation into how we speak of falling into abstractions (love and sleep and illness) with concrete consequences. Dworkin is the author of five collections of poetry, including Motes and The Perverse Library. He teaches literature at the University of Utah and serves as senior editor to Eclipse, an online archive of small-press writings.  
Chilean poet Omar Cáceres (1906–1943) wrote a single book, Defensa del ídolo, of which he burned all but two copies upon realizing the edition contained infuriating misprints. In a perhaps forged forward to the book, Vicente Huidobro wrote that the mysterious poet “examined the beyond with a stethoscope.” Mónica de la Torre aims too to auscultate the beyond by reading her versions of Cáceres’s poems as well as poems resulting from her interaction with the originals. De la Torre is the author of five collections of Poetry, among them Four and Public Domain. A native of Mexico City, she has translated numerous Latin American poets. She is BOMB Magazine’s senior editor.  
Choreographed and performed by Michelle Boulé with music by Okkyung Lee
July 6 at 8pm; 0
“Ms. Boulé is one of her generation’s many strong examples of the dancer as artist.” – The New York Times  
BREAK>Urge>Imprint is a collaborative performance by dancer Michelle Boulé and cellist Okkyung Lee. Connected by their absolute and articulate physicality, Boulé and Lee push to the edge of sonic and choreographic boundaries into an atmospheric and sculptural consciousness. Through the vehicle of improvisation, they gradually penetrate and map a space where perception of form shifts, and a new dimension of performance opens. In addition, Boulé presents a new duet for herself and dancer Lindsay Clark, with sound by Okkyung Lee. Exploring the banality and intricacies of everyday movements, this work in progress reframes this unspoken vocabulary with meaning, perspective, humor and understanding.
Michelle Boulé is a Bessie Award-winning performer, choreographer and teacher based in New York. She is a 2012-14 NY Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. Okkyung Lee incorporates jazz, sounds, Korean traditional music, and noise with extended techniques to create her unique blend of music. She is the recipient of a Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant (2010). 
Poe (World Premiere)
Composed by Marcos Balter
Performed by Claire Chase and Svet Stoyanov
July 12 and 13 at 8pm; 0
"Balter has a wickedly original sense of humor and a fiercely imaginative palette of instrumental and vocal sounds rare in today's dour, post-classical new music." – Chicago Tribune  
Composed by Marcos Balter, Poe is a music drama based on “Alone,” a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. Using acoustic and electronic manipulations of their instruments, voices and physical gestures, flutist Claire Chase and percussionist Svet Stoyanov explore facets of loneliness inside a living room built of visual illusions and spatially organized sounds. As the room contracts and expands, the performers face a paradox of human existence: that we are both never and always alone.
The music of composer Marcos Balter is at once emotionally visceral and intellectually complex. He is Director of the Music Composition program at Columbia College Chicago. Claire Chase, a 2012 MacArthur Fellow, is a soloist, collaborative artist, and arts entrepreneur. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). A passionate advocate of new music, Svet Stoyanov is a driving force in modern percussion. He is the Director and Professor of Percussion Studies at the Frost School of Music in University of Miami. 
When a Priest Marries a Witch,
an Artist Talk by Suzanne Bocanegra Starring Paul Lazar
Created by Suzanne Bocanegra
Performed by Paul Lazar
July 20 at 8pm; 0
“Bocanegra’s art is human, historical, filled with the material of life, highly organized and highly messy all at the same time…” – BOMB Magazine
Actor Paul Lazar channels artist Suzanne Bocanegra in a unique work that’s part artist’s talk, part performance, part cultural history and part sound installation. Together (in a way) they tell the story of a priest, an artist and a young girl in Pasadena, Texas—a story featuring Elvis, abstract expressionism, the Pope, astronauts, the Singing Nun and, obviously, a witch.
Suzanne Bocanegra is a New York-based visual artist whose recent work involves large-scale performance and installation. She is a recipient of the Rome Prize and has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and elsewhere. Paul Lazar co-founded Big Dance Theater with Annie-B Parson in 1990 and has created dance/theater works with the company ever since. He is an Associate Member of The Wooster Group and has acted in over 30 feature films. He currently teaches at New York University. 
Another Tree Dance (work-in-progress)
Created and performed by Karinne Keithley Syers in conversation with Sara Smith
July 27 at 8pm; 0
“For integrating dance, text, objects, and media in a meditation on the emotion of being alive, for creating a densely layered and imaginatively constructed installation, which transformed the theatrical space via her singular voice and vision...” – Bessie award citation
Another Tree Dance is a project of reconciliation and renewal in the life of the artist Karinne Keithley Syers. An interdisciplinary solo performance, it creates a serene yet demanding meditation on a life commitment to open-ended process. Through sonic, visual, choreographic and textual excursions into landscapes of navigation, bewilderment, and sudden clarity, Another Tree Dance invites us to walk out into the world with a new sense of wonder and an ear for what Ralph Waldo Emerson called the “severe harmony” of the relentlessly ebbing and flowing energies that form our experience.
Bessie Award-winning Karinne Keithley Syers is an interdisciplinary artist working in performance since 1995. She is the founder and co-editor of the 53rd State Press, publisher of new performance writing. Sara Smith is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer and librarian who lives in Western Massachusetts. She is the founding editor of KINEBAGO, a forum for writing about dance and movement research in New England.
Another Dance Tree is commissioned by The Chocolate Factory Theater and will premiere in October 2013 as part of its Visiting Artist Program.
Choreographed and performed by Souleymane Badolo
August 3 at 8pm; 0
"When Souleymane Badolo – a wall of sturdy muscle – steps onto the stage, he fills not only the spot he inhabits but also all of its crevices." – The New York Times
Souleymane Badolo traces the journey of his great-great grandfather, the lessons his father taught him, and the responsibility to pass on these values to his own son in Buudou, BADOO, BADOLO.  Badolo says of the work. “What is in a name? In gourounsi, my mother tongue, the word for family is "buudou." My current research has led me to revisit family lore and myth to learn how we journeyed from Badoo to Badolo...This dance honors my past, present, and future family.” In a meditative, new work in progress developed at Mount Tremper Arts, he emphasizes nature and bodies clothed in natural materials such as grass, leaves, and clay.
Choreographer and dancer Souleymane ‘Solo’ Badolo was born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. His Burkina Faso-based troupe, Kongo Ba Téria, fuses traditional African dances with western contemporary dance and tours internationally. He received the Juried Bessie Award in 2012 and teaches contemporary dance at Bennington College. 
Souleymane Badolo’s residency is made possible through a partnership with Danspace Project’s Choreographic Center Without Walls (CW2) and is supported by the New York State danceForce with funding from the New York State Council on the Arts Dance Program. 
Adult Party Games from the Leisure Planet
Composed by Art Jarvinen
Performed and arranged by Varispeed
August 10 at 8pm; 0
Presumed by its author, composer Art Jarvinen (1956 – 2010), to be unperformable, Adult Party Games from the Leisure Planet is a collection of wild and hilarious performance pieces, text scores, and musical activities. The composer-performer collective Varispeed will attempt the impossible: to perform what was never meant to be performed; to make the conceptual concrete; to bring to life Jarvinen's "wordworks"—and, in the process, explore the musicality of text and action.
Founded by Aliza Simons, Dave Ruder, Paul Pinto, Brian McCorkle and Gelsey Bell, Varispeed is a collective of composer-performers that creates site-specific, sometimes-participatory, oftentimes-durational, forevermore-experimental events. 
Perfect Lives
An opera by Robert Ashley
Performed and staged by Varispeed
August 17, seven 30 min episodes, 11am–11:30 pm; FREE
“This live version of Robert Ashley’s seminal multimedia opera was punky and profound, showing that innovation has less to do with bottomless budgets than with vision and spirit.” – Time Out New York
Perfect Lives is a daylong, site-specific performance of Robert Ashley’s 1983 opera adapted by the composer-performer collective Varispeed. The performance consists of seven half-hour episodes staged throughout the Catskills. 
As performers and audience members journey from place to place, participants imagine a folksy, Midwestern town where the bank tellers know the captain of the football team and everyone drinks together at the end of the night. Its seven episodes weave together stories of a mysterious crime, an elopement, and the mischief of two itinerant musicians. Both lofty and quotidian, Perfect Lives brings together musicians, performers, fans and community members alike in a celebration of American opera.
Robert Ashley, a distinguished figure in American contemporary music, holds an international reputation for his work in new forms of opera and multi-disciplinary projects. His recorded works are acknowledged classics of language in a musical setting. First broadcast in Great Britain in 1984, Perfect Lives is widely considered to be the precursor of “music-television.” 
Perfect Lives is made possible through the support of the following community partners: Boiceville IGA, Phoenicia United Methodist Church, Mama's Boy Market, The Sportsman’s Alamo Cantina, The Town of Woodstock, and The Woodstock Reformed Church.
Perfect Lives Program Schedule
11am - The ParkWoodstock Village Green, 6 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 
1pm - The BankMama's Boy Market front yard, next to Key Bank, 7 Church Street, Phoenicia, NY
3pm - The Supermarket: Boiceville IGA Supermarket, 4105 Route 28, Boiceville, NY
5pm - The Church: Phoenicia United Methodist Church, 29 Church Street, Phoenicia, NY 
7pm - The Backyard: Mount Tremper Arts, 647 South Plank Road, Mt. Tremper, NY
7:30–9pm - Perfect Lives Art-B-Q: Community dinner at Mount Tremper Arts, 0
9pm - The Living Room: Mount Tremper Arts
11pm - The Bar: Sportsman’s Alamo Cantina, 70 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY
CATCH Takes the Catskills
Art-B-Q event
August 24 at 8pm; 0
“It’s hard to justify seeking any other form of entertainment on your Saturday night.” – The New York Times
CATCH is “everyone’s favorite” hydra-headed, multi-disciplinary, rough and ready performance series, curated with delicate irreverence by Andrew Dinwiddie, Jeff Larson and Caleb Hammons. Based in Brooklyn, CATCH heads north for a late summer evening of performance mayhem and social debauchery, presenting a stunning array of emerging artists and downtown luminaries. Participants will be announced at a later date. 
About Mount Tremper Arts
Since its founding in 2008, Mount Tremper Arts has quickly become recognized nationally for being an exciting and innovative new cultural arts center Nestled in the Catskill Mountains, Mount Tremper Arts supports contemporary artists in the creation and presentation of new works of art. The Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival celebrates the contemporary arts through an integration of performances, exhibitions, artist residencies, and hybrid programming. In addition to creating a laboratory for contemporary artists, it is an increasingly popular destination venue for cultural tourism.
Hosting the Summer Festival is only part of Mount Tremper Arts’ mission; for the rest of the year, the studio hosts performing art companies in Creative Development Residencies. These residencies include 24/7 dedicated studio space and housing for periods ranging from three days to one month. Mount Tremper Arts also operates a subsidized residency program that is open to all performing art companies making contemporary work and offers affordable, dedicated workspace for intensive residency experiences. More information about residencies can be found at mounttremperarts.org/residencies.
Co-founder and co-director Mathew Pokoik is a photographic artist, arts activist, and arts administrator. His photographic work has been featured by Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education on an ongoing basis since 2001, touring schools and universities as a focus for their art education curriculum. In 2009 he had a solo exhibition at the Center for Performance Research in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that included a yearlong light-box window installation. Throughout his career he has pursued alternative venues for the presentation of his work, and is currently working on two projects that create photographic installations in non-traditional public spaces.
Co-founder and co-director Aynsley Vandenbroucke is a choreographer, movement analyst, artistic director and educator. Called “gifted” by The New Yorker and “an elegant, sensitive thinker” by The New York Times, she has been creating dance in New York City since 2000. Her work has been performed throughout the city (at Baryshnikov Arts Center, Danspace Project, CPR (Center for Performance Research), The Chocolate Factory Theater, Dixon Place, Dance New Amsterdam, and Lincoln Center Institute’s Clark Studio Theater, among others) as well as in San Francisco and Brazil. 
Visiting Mount Tremper Arts
Mount Tremper Arts is located within the Catskill Park, minutes from the villages of Phoenicia and Woodstock and a little over two hours from New York City. The Catskill Mountains are filled with many recreational activities such as hiking the High Peaks, tubing the Esopus Creek, or cycling our scenic mountain passes. More information about local activities can be found at Ulster County Tourism: ulstertourism.info.
For overnight lodging, Mount Tremper Arts recommends the following Summer Festival Sponsors, all wonderful places to stay. A comprehensive list of local accommodations for any budget can be found at ulstertourism.info/landing/lodging.
Catskill Rose: lodging and dining in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Sleep natural, eat wild. Just one mile from Mount Tremper Arts.  catskillrose.com  845-688-7100, 5355 Route 212, Mt. Tremper, NY 
Four Corners Country Inn: comfortable country lodging located in the Catskill Park with casual yet elegant dining options. Right down the road from Mount Tremper Arts.  fourcornerscountryinn.com 845-688-3054, 1564 Wittenberg Road, Mt. Tremper, NY 
Uncle Pete’s Camping Ground: a 5 min. walk from Mount Tremper Arts and located on the Esopus Creek. Campgrounds, trailer sites, and a log cabin available. unclepetescampground.com  845-688-5000, 570 Old Route 28, Phoenicia, NY
Funding Credits
Support for Mount Tremper Arts is provided by public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature as well as the County of Ulster’s Ulster County Cultural Services & Promotion Fund administrated by the Dutchess County Arts Council with the support of the Ulster County Legislature.  
Mount Tremper Arts Contributing Supporters and above include: (4/12 – 4/13) Ford Foundation Matching Gift Program, The Japan Foundation, Open Society Institute Matching Gift Program, Poets & Writers, Bistro-to-Go, Catskill Rose, Fleisher's Grass-fed & Organic Meats, Four Corners County Inn, Freestyle Realty, Hanover Farms, Harmony Builders, Kate’s Lazy Meadow, Peekamoose Restaurant, Phoenicia Diner, Phoenicia Wines & Liquors, Ruth Gale Realty, Solar Generation, The Tender Land Home, Town Tinker, Ulster Publishing, Ulster Savings Bank, The, Woodstock Inn on the Millstream, Christopher and Jane Adams, Michael and Suzy Appelbaum, Yael and Samuel Bacharach, Linda Badami, Spencer Baker, Carol Bryce-Buchanan, Keith Carollo and Chris Bick, William Cohen and Ursula Eagly, Susan De George and Kathy Dean, Mary Dilg, Larry and Mimi Kennedy Dilg, Nelson Downend and Katinka Locascio, Margaret Downs, Mark Finn, Susan Gillespie, Bernard Handzel and Michelle Spark, Phyllis Lamhut, Jack and Beth  Loftus, Jeff McMahon, Susan and Alan Melsky, Virginia and Timothy Millhiser, Carla Peterson, Justine Pokoik, Doug and Anne Post, Wayne Ransier, Mary Fulham Reynolds, Silas Riener, Virginia Root, Martha Sherman, Wendy Sowers, Michael Steinberg, Robert and Karin Sullivan, Russell Vandenbroucke, Jerry and Grace Wapner.

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