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Dance in Italy Festival 2015

Dance in Italy Festival 2015


Dance in Italy




Monday, June 29, 2015 - 8:00pm
Saturday, January 31, 2015 - 8:00pm



Dance in Italy

“Summer Dance Study and Performance Platform”


(Italy) January 21, 2015 – Registration is now open for the 2015 edition of the Dance in Italy.
The program encourages dance students to continue dancing in the summer, and offers a range of technique courses from beginners to advanced students on the family-friendly beaches of Igea Marina, in the world renowned Italian region Emilia-Romagna.
Daily training in classical ballet, pointe variations and repertory, modern jazz, and laboratory choreographic is completed by Evening Performances held Thursday through Saturday. Participants of the workshop perform on the last Saturday. Festival runs June 29th - July 12, 2015.
Dance Program majors and Dance Students may take advantage of the Italian residency of the New York City based Ajkun Ballet Theatre - to become familiar with the exclusive Ajkun © Methodology – taught by company members. Additional classes are offered by Faculty and Guest Teachers of the University of Dance and Theater.
The workshop is hosted by TILT’s director Sonia Ferlini in the three dance studios of the school, and performances are held in the outdoor theaters managed by the City of Igea Marina/Bellaria.
Launching in 2015, Dance on Stage, a platform open to Performers of all Dance Styles, individuals or part of a School/Ensemble, to share their talent with the international touristic audience of the area. Dance on Stage will take place Tuesday-Thursday for the first two weeks of July.
For information and to participate to the Dance in Italy Festival or the Dance on Stage performances, please email danceinitalyfestival@aol.com, or call + 39 (348) 315-4690.
About the Dance in Italy Festival [DINI]

LUDT conceived the Dance in Italy Festival in 2002 to encourage dance students, dance schools and ensembles to continue dancing in summer in a multicultural event landscaped in Italian culture. Hosted by LUDT’s Associate Dance Institutions, a wealth of participants from Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela and Italy have enjoyed the combination of remarkable training and performance exposure in our vacation setting. The opportunity to savor the Ajkun Ballet Theatre, Guest Resident at the Dance in Italy, enhances the experience. Broadening the Dance in Italy Festival’s initiative, 2015 launches Dance on Stage, an open platform for individual or group performers, to share their talent with the international tourism of the area. Read More … 


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