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Dance on Camera Is Upon Us!

Dance on Camera Is Upon Us!


Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 3:30pm

February 1-5, 2013

Dance on Camera 
February 1-5, 2013 
It's Upon Us! 

25CPW Gallery Exhibit: Opening Tonight
A preview of the Dance On Paper Exhibit 

Dance on Paper

Opening Exhibit
Thursday, January 31
25CPW Gallery
*Central Park West and 62nd Street

Diego Aguda Pinilla: Meet the Artist
Monday, February 4
25CPW Gallery

Dance on Paper trailer on our Vimeo Channel!


Remember to Visit our blog for this evening's feature on Alma Har'el 
Farihah Zaman on Dance on Camera

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros: Video Music Program
Saturday, February 2
Francesca Beale Theater 

Alma Har'el: Meet the Artist
Saturday, February 2
25CPW Gallery


Sigur Rós: Video Music After Party
Saturday, February 2
0, bring your FSLC ticket stub for entry! 


Dance on Camera: From Online to You 
Building a Film Festival Website by Arrowroot Media


Member Meet Up
Sunday, February 3
25CPW Gallery

This year DFA rolled out a new online display for our Dance on Camera festival pages.
See it here!

Our web development team, Arrowroot Media, are the ones to thank for this transformation.
Read about the process on their blog here.

At our Member Meet Up on Sunday, we'll demo the NEW Online Membership System, with Arrowroot Media walking us through the features to be.

DFA is using as the side room in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, to the left of the Amphitheater, as a DFA hub for filmmaker badge pickup, member sticker pickup, and a general meet and greet. Volunteers will be available to escort you for your first visit.

In the side room, Arrowroot Media will hold "office hours" Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday afternoons to answer your questions about web development!

Follow @arrowrootmedia during the festival.

DFA Members enjoy discounted tickets to Dance on Camera. 
Join today!

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