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December Newsletter‏

December Newsletter‏


Limon Dance Company




Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 8:00pm

Limon Dance Company

December News
Dec 6, 2013 - Limón Dance Company performs in Kent, OH
Dec 6, 2013 - Professional Studies Program studio showing
Dec 11, 2013 at 7pm - Winter Benefit - All Things Limón


Join us in celebrating the 68th Anniversary of the Limón Dance Company!

Psalm, photo by Beatriz Schiller

◊ This year, we have commissioned two new works from talented artists Diane McIntyre and Sean Currán.
◊ We also have the revival of José Limón’s masterwork Psalm.
◊ Your contribution supports our licensing and our Professional Studies Program which welcomes over 20 dance students from five continents, for a nine-month professional program.
◊ Our Limón4Kids program now reaches over 500 middle-school youth in largely Hispanic neighborhoods. Your continuous support will allow us to keep growing this FREE Arts and Education program that widely disseminates art instruction to students who may not otherwise have access to a cultural arts curriculum.

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Photo by Nan Melville

The José Limón Dance Foundation’s outreach program Limón4Kids is starting up again in December. We are beginning to orient new and returning school officials and Limón4Kids dance faculty for the new school year. Past participating schools that are returning to our wonderful outreach program are IS 74, PS 89, Ramapo High School, Harbor Conservatory, and PS 187. For this coming new year we have added two new schools that want to delve into the life and technique of José Limón, they are Hamilton Heights School and Brooklyn Prospect School. We cannot wait to work with all 550 students to enrich their lives with dance!

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Professional Studies Program studio showing

American Ballet Theatre and the Moor's Pavane

Photo: Gene Schiavone, courtesy American Ballet Theatre

Carla Escoda, former dancer and a contributor to Huffington Post Arts & Culture wrote about the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) performing The Moor's Pavane.

"Framed within the skeleton of a courtly Renaissance dance, a metaphor for the social conventions that bind these characters, the marvel of The Moor's Pavane lies in the economic use of modern dance vocabulary, and the power of symmetry and repetition, to convey conflict and the bare essentials of narrative. The characters occasionally break free from their ritual quartet with its ceremonious bows and curtseys, pairing off briefly to concoct their next devious move, or to convey a dangerous secret in whispers."

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