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Deyo Dances

Deyo Dances


Deyo Dances


Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater, NYC


Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 8:00pm
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 8:00pm



Deyo Dances

West coast company, Deyo Dances, will debut in NYC May 6th & 7th at Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater, a block from Lincoln Center.  The versatile and experienced choreographer, Lisa Deyo, will premiere two new pieces inspired by human stories. Her work is a mix of ballet, jazz, modern and musical theater.

Deyo brings her sophisticated, yet fun choreography to NYC. Two world premieres performed by gorgeous dancers in a lovely theater.

"Fresh, fresh, fresh. Who are these Americans that entertained us, shocked us, and exhausted us with their skills? Lisa Deyo, American upstart and former dancer with the Hubbard Street Company, Chicago, Illinois, is a miracle. From the start of the opening piece we saw very comfortable movement. Why do these Americans think that performance can be so happy...world-class dancers held us in a spell as they passionately spun out a tale of discovery and love... I was at the ballet, no, at a disco, no... I was experiencing American know-how. How to entertain. They have it down."
—Deyo Dances Review by Vadim Curic-St Petersburg News (Russia Tour)

Debut in New York City: Deyo Dances is thrilled to perform in New York. Since 2002, the company has danced in a a wide range of venues: the 1200 seat Cohan Center at the PAC/San Luis Obispo, CA, a 900 seat theater in Pskov, Russia, art galleries, even weaving up and down the aisles of a grocery store.

The NYC May 6th & 7th performances will be at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater, located at the Westside YMCA on West 64th St. in Manhattan.  It is a beautiful 145 seat theater in a fantastic location. 

Director and choreographer, Lisa Deyo, comes from a varied professional dance career:  Hubbard St. Dance Chicago, Disney industrials, Los Angeles Chamber Ballet, Great America Amusement Park...So her work draws from the variety of styles, to suit the piece.

Lisa describes her pieces in the upcoming performances:

Two Premieres...Little Dances/Big City:    "The compulsion to dance has always been like breathing for me:  life-giving and constant.  The urge strikes at some not so typical places.  For the last year and a half here in New York City I have been trying to honor that compulsion, seeing it as a fleeting opportunity.  None of the resulting dances were preordained or rehearsed, relying on the beautiful happenstance of this vibrant city.  And the city provides.  All were shot on my phone, most by passing strangers happy and then eager to participate.  Amazing.  This piece is meant to inspire or remind you to allow yourself to enjoy those impulses in you, throughout your life.  Living is dancing."

Hi, My Name is Monday    "With each passing year, I feel the slipping tectonic shifts in perspective:  in myself, in others, on personal, familial, even societal levels.  In most respects, they've been good but still unnerving, at least until I pass through to the next lull in the flow.  As soon as I can pin down the status quo, it changes and keeps surprising me.  I guess Monty Python said it best, "Everything in life is only for now."  In looking back, it's all worked out in unexpected yet lovely ways."

5 Women & a Bench     "There is a wisdom in every age.  Each level of romantic experience has it's own surety and in that moment is absolute. Yet we continue to evolve, often going through repeating cycles of trust, then skepticism, then hopefully trust again but with different shading.  This is the conversation I have with the women in my life when we try to convey our own truth in the hope of saving them our own heartbreak or encouraging their bliss."

Love, Not LoveLove     "If we are lucky, there are the friends that we have through everything. 
They are always at your side with a nudge, an encouragement or a slap. They know you and love you regardless.  This is them.



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