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Douglas Dunn & Dancers

Douglas Dunn & Dancers


Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 8:05pm

Cage on Vinyl on Marley

Douglas Dunn & Dancers
 Cage on Vinyl on Marley


A Durational Dance Event

Saturday, October 27, 2012 11am-6pm

National Academy Museum

1083 Fifth Avenue, NYC






11:00 am

"Forty Knots" by Douglas Dunn in collaboration with the dancers

Jules Bakshi, Kira Blazek, Tony Bordonaro, Janet Charleston, Grazia Della- Terza, Douglas Dunn, Liz Filbrun, Gabriella Hiatt, Emily Pope-Blackman, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Jake Szczpek, Timothy Emmet Lee Ward, Christopher Williams 


2:30 pm

"Vain Combat" by Douglas Dunn

Jules Bakshi, Tony Bordonaro, Emily Pope-Blackman, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Jake Szczypek, Dani Vialpando, Timothy Emmett Lee Ward  


5:30 pm  

Douglas Dunn



Dancers/Choreographers include: Douglas Dunn, Julia K. Gleich/Gleich

Dances, Molissa Fenley, Sarah Rudner, Take Dance, Gus Solomons Jr., Pat

Catterson, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Janet Charleston, Jules Bakshi, Paul Singh,

Sally Silvers, Gabriella Hiatt, Julie Fotheringham, Ara Fitzgerald, DELIRIOS

Dances/ Edisa Weeks, Liz Santoro, Lynn Parkerson, and others to be



Presented by Norte Maar. Cage on Vinyl on Marley is part of the National Academy Museum's Chance Encounters Series: a series of public programs, presented in conjunction with the exhibition John Cage: The Sight of Silence. The series, ongoing through January 11, 2013,  includes readings, dance and musical performances by artists and critics, many of whom knew Cage.


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