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Ends + Beginnings

Ends + Beginnings


Performance Space 122


Performance Space 122 · 67 West St., Suite 315 · Brooklyn, NY 11222 · USA


Saturday, January 31, 2015 - 8:00pm



Performance Space 122

Endings + Beginnings: COIL 2015

This weekend marks the end of COIL 2015! We've sold-out more shows than ever in our biggest COIL festival to date. 

To mark the end of the festival, we invite you to join us for a toast and a yawn. On Saturday January 17th, Performance Space 122 and Times Square Arts will gather at Duffy Square/TKTS Booth in Times Square at 11:45pm for COIL 2015 artist Sebastian Errazuriz's A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps. With your help (and instagrams) an infectious yawn will take hold of the city for a brief moment in time. Post-yawn, we'll all walk to a watering hole to toast the end of a festival. RSVP TO THIS FREE EVENT HERE.

Even though we're talking about ends, there's still 2 more days and more shows left in the festival - including one beginning. See below for details! 

First live online performance in PS122 VIRTUAL: 

Happening live, right now on: http://datapurge.me

dataPurge is the first live exploration of PS122’s Virtual programming which investigates how we create live performance digitally, interactively and beyond the stage. dataPurge is a live, virtual cleansing of one’s digital life. 

COIL 2015 is still going!

zoe | juniper's BeginAgain
Baryshnikov Art Center; Info Here
Now thru Friday!  (wait list works)

SPAN, conversation series
The Invisible Dog Art Center; Info Here
Saturday at 3PM; FREE!

Mike Iveson's SORRY ROBOT
New Ohio Theatre; Info Here
Now thru Saturday! (wait list works)

Andrew Schneider's YOUARENOWHERE
The Invisible Dog Art Center; Info Here
Now thru Saturday! (wait list works)

Ride On Theatre's The Blind Date Project
Parkside Lounge; Info Here
Now thru Saturday! (wait list works)

Sebastian Errazuriz's
A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps
Times Square; Info Here
Now thru Jan 31st! FREE!

dataPurge Video Teaser

@PS122 @datapurge #COIL15


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