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Final Auditions for Peridance’s Training Programs!

Final Auditions for Peridance’s Training Programs!


Peridance Capezio Center


Peridance Capezio Center
126E 13th Street
Manhattan, New York


Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 9:00pm



Peridance Capezio Center

Audition for Peridance’s Training Programs! Train in NYC this summer and/or all year long at Peridance Capezio Center at Union Square. 
Our last and final audition date is Saturday, May 20th at Peridance, register today! 

Sign in, May 20th:  9:00AM
Audition starts: 9:30AM- 11:30AM 
Register costs: 30$
Further your passion for dance and invest in yourself as an artist and performer, come thrive in our 3 training programs:  BLUEPRINT Summer Intensive, Teen Summer Intensive and our 2-Year Certificate Program. 

Certificate Program: 
2 years
Rolling Admission
Train in the Certificate Program and experience Peridance's vibrant dance community in the heart of New York City while preparing for a professional career in dance!
Ballet/Contemporary Track:
2 Full Barre Exercises (one side only)
Center Adagio
Grande Allegro
Pointe work (optional): Center Combination or a Classical Variation.
Men ONLY: Demonstrate Men's Technical Work with a Center Combination or a Classical Variation.
A 2-5 minute solo demonstrating your technical ability, quality of movement, and musicality in the style of your choice.
Commercial Track:
A 1-3 minute solo in either Contemporary Jazz or Theatre Dance.
A 1-3 minute solo in an urban style of your choice: Heels, Hip Hop, Waacking, Voguing etc.

BLUEPRINT Summer Intensive: 
An unparalleled 2-week summer intensive
August 7-20, 2017
Ages 17-22
BLUEPRINT is designed to expose students to the best instructors in both the ballet and contemporary fields from New York City and around the world. It is designed to encourage the formation of important industry relationships that will help them to develop more career opportunities and enrich their current dance network. 
Peridance Capezio Center brings this unique and exciting Intensive experience to pre-professional Ballet and Contemporary dancers, ages 17-22.
Project Statement:
BLUEPRINT is bridging the gap between conservatory ballet technique and the innovation of the current contemporary dance scene. It brings dancers face to face with current influencial dance educators and immerses them into a true professional work environment. 
Dancers for BLUEPRINT are selected during auditions held in NYC and around the world between November and March each year. During their time in NYC, these emerging artists polish their technique, work closely with prestigious current contemporary choreographers from NYC and abroad, and develop their own voice as an artist. 
At the end of the two weeks, dancers get to perform the repertory learned in the intensive on a professional New York City stage. The audience of this invitation only performance include families of the dancers, many of the choreographers who set work, as well as many other artists and choreographers in the NYC area, providing opportunity to secure future employment with working industry professionals.

Teen Summer Intensive:
3-Week Summer Intensive
June 26-July 16, 2017 
Ages 13-17
Peridance Capezio Center's Teen Summer Intensive is a 3-week comprehensive training program designed for dancers ages 13-17 with serious goals to develop, increase, and strengthen their level of technique, self-confidence, and artistry. An experienced and knowledgeable faculty strongly emphasizes clean technique and self-discipline within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Beyond working to achieve technical strength, students work to understand the value of dance as an art form. Peridance takes pride in drawing students for the Intensive from both the United States and around the world, giving them the unique opportunity to become immersed in dance's diverse community. At the end of the 3 weeks , the Intensive participants demonstrate their amplified understanding of technique, movement, artistry, and performance skills in a fully produced performance presented at Peridance's new in-house Salvatore Capezio Theater.

II. Open Auditions
In order to attend a public audition, please pre-register for one of the auditions listed in our Audition Tour.

IV. Additional Info
Feel free to contact us at auditions@peridance.com or the individual program coordinators:
BLUEPRINT: blueprint@peridance.com
Teen Summer Intensive: summerintensive@peridance.com 
Certificate Program: certificateprogram@peridance.com

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