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Fitness @ DNA

Fitness @ DNA


Dance New Amsterdam


Dance New Amsterdam


Monday, November 5, 2012 - 7:00am



Dance New Amsterdam

Fitness @ DNA is designed for the 9-5er, always on the go and always wishing for a little more time. Who can take an hour off to go to the gym? Not you. So DNA is offering 20- and 40-minute classes designed to tone, stretch, and shape your body but not take up your entire day.

If you need to get to work by 9:00am, we’ve got 40-minute morning classes designed to give you a burning workout without making you sweat away your makeup. If you’d prefer to run out at lunch, our 20-minute afternoon classes aim to transform you into a healthier version of yourself, even if you don’t have time to change out of your business suit.

If you aren’t convinced yet, one class can be cheaper than your morning latte. At just for a 20-minute class and 0 for a 40-minute class, we are easy on both your body and wallet.

So stop and give us 20.

Class Offerings:

Chair Fitness
This is a no impact, low sweat class, with excellent techniques for toning, slimming and strengthening the arms, back legs, butt and thighs. You can even slim your waist with properly aligned stretches. This class instructs you on how you can stay fit anywhere. Chair fitness class is perfect for injury prevention and recovery. Chair fitness protects knees and back and is great for people with limited mobility or suffering from back or neck stress from sitting hunched over at the office all day.

Yin Stretch and Flexibility
Yin stretch and flexibility class increases flexibility of the body’s connective tissues and joints, improves health, lowers stress levels and calms the mind. Stretches are held for 1-2 minutes while seated to energize the deep, dense connective tissues of the body: tendons, ligaments and cartilage. You will leave class feeling lengthened, revitalized and restored. Yin stretch is appropriate everyone. Beginners are welcome.

Toning and Trimming (Callanetics)
Rejuvenate and sculpt your body and claim your right to have a fantastic figure. Exercises in this class uses gentle movements designed to intensely work muscles deep in each part of the body without adding any bulk. Class is a non-impact, low sweat routine that tones and sculpts arms, trims and firms thighs and hips, flattens and strengthens abs. Body transformations can be seen after only a few classes. Class is appropriate for everyone.

Fitness Bootcamp
Focusing on form and muscle tone this work out will strengthen hips, legs, and core muscles. Bootcamp class cross-trains for improved overall fitness. We mix it up with cardio, strength, tone and flexibility. This 20-minute physical challenge gets your blood flowing and your heart rate up. Each exercise is timed so you can see your progress and strength increase with each class.

Video Workout
If you remember and miss those workout videos with Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and Denise Austin, this class is going to breathe life into the classics and introduce you to some new videos. This fun specialty video workout class designed to re-engage and revitalize you. DVD workouts have been selected by the FitEngine team and we encourage participants to rate them by coming to class and giving us feedback. FitEngine will use feedback to post ratings on the workouts on social media and websites.

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