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Free Online Dance-Making Project by "Collective Dance" Work In Progress

Free Online Dance-Making Project by "Collective Dance"


Dancing Cards




Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 11:59pm daily through September 30, 2017



Dancing Cards

Let's make a Dance! 

Create your moves, share them with us and see how professional dancers in New York City put together the moves into a one Collective Dance. 

Participate in 3 easy steps!

1. Sign up for FREE by filling up the form on our website, receive an email instructions on how to create and submit your moves. You can participate by yourself or with friends. (These are inspiring methods used to make choreography. All levels of dancers are welcome to participate. Dancers under the age of 21 will need a written  permit from their quardian in order to participate)

2. Follow the process of making the dance at Dancingcards.com, Find moves with the #dancingcards *terms of participation

3. Watch the video of  the final version of  the dance built together! Learn it and share it! 

(The video will be recorded and published in October 2017)


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