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Grand Rapids, MI: SATELLITE COLLECTIVE & SiTE:LAB presents a live performance installation of "Echo & Narcissus"

Grand Rapids, MI: SATELLITE COLLECTIVE & SiTE:LAB presents a live performance installation of "Echo & Narcissus"




415 Franklin St SE
Grand Rapids, MI


Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 8:00pm daily through October 7, 2018


Satellite Collective's upcoming show, Echo & Narcissus received grants from the ArtPrize jury and Frey Foundation to bring the show's music, video and opera singers together as a live performance installation with SiTE:LAB from September 19 - October 7, 2018, at 415 Franklin St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, following its run earlier in the month at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. For more information visit: http://www.artprize.org/67243.

Satellite Collective's Echo & Narcissus is a vocal and hand projected performance - an aria to illuminate the unrest and discord of our moment. Original music for seven piece chamber and jazz orchestra, live performance by vocalists, and hand projected imagery will move through the halls of a historic space of the city, followed by the audience. Whether it's a politician's self-aggrandizement or social media users in echo chambers, it's a potent time to face the myth of Narcissus and what it means to look in a mirror. New York-based Satellite Collective brings a live performance where Narcissus and Echo will break apart in full opera and project their inner lives on each other and their immediate surroundings: the historic space of the Franklin Street School in collaboration with SiTE:LAB. The performers will move from space to space as their story unfolds, illuminating themselves and the art near and around them with images of their own fears and inner lives.

The performance which will have taken place at The Brooklyn Academy of Music's BAM Fischer space, will be turned inside out and projected onto the walls of a class room in an old Christian High School in Grand Rapids, taking the piece into the world of visual art and becoming visible to upwards of 40,000 people over a month long period. 

The production in Brooklyn will be held at BAM Fisher, 321 Ashland Place, Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 14, 2018 at 8pm and Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at https://www.bam.org/SatelliteCollective

New York, 1971. Narcissus, a rebellious yet charismatic outsider, hunts alone in the city at night. He's come south from his father's kingdom on the city's outer coast. Echo, a young nymph and socialite, falls for Narcissus and they hook up. Her brother and the other nymphs fail in their attempt to separate her from Narcissus and one night the two commit an irrevocable crime. Echo's brother tries with more urgency to separate the two, but is instead drawn into an adventure that ends with tragedy.

Echo & Narcissus will engage original music, live chamber performance, visual art, ballet, digital multimedia, opera, and lighting design. 
WRITER Kevin Draper; COMPOSER Aaron Severini; DIRECTOR Philip Stoddard; CHOREOGRAPHER Norbert De La Cruz III; LIGHTING DESIGNER Brandon Stirling Baker; FILM MAKER Lora Robertson; PRODUCTION DESIGNER Kevin Draper; PROJECTION DESIGNER Simon Harding; LIVE MUSIC ShoutHouse.

Featuring dancers Matteo Fiorani, Timothy Stickney, Joslin Vezeau, and Tara Youngman, and singers Christine Taylor Price and Philip Stoddard.

"We work at the intersection of dance, visual art and music - and we use architects and poets as the glue," said Founding Artistic Director Kevin Draper. "This will be our first, focused, evening length work where group action has to resonate in service to the story. We're crafting a pretty high level of intensity for the audience."

In a few short years, Satellite Collective has embraced art forms fearlessly and styled multiple seasons of dance, music, film and word. In 2017, this peculiar, dynamic group produced for the first time an integrated, evening length work and fuse their collective process into a full-length collaborative event. Live pop and indie classical music, film, dance, theater and architecture will all be put to service in a production that will, literally, immerse the audience.

Echo & Narcissus is the 17th interdisciplinary performance work by Satellite Collective since its founding eight years ago.

"These are people who know how to produce a show."
- The New York Times, 2014

"An admirably cooperative endeavor and a peculiar one."
- The New York Times, 2015
"Satellite Collective aims to open up the stage to diverse artistic practice, producing alternate channels for performance to envelope the audience-expressing the theatrical and choreographic gesture, sound, décor, film, stagecraft and storytelling into a total artwork."
- New York Observer, 2016


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