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Grounded Aerial European Tour

Grounded Aerial European Tour


Grounded Aerial


Wales, United Kingdom & Rue David Lyon, France


Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 12:00pm daily through May 20, 2018
Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 12:00pm daily through July 22, 2018



Grounded Aerial

Grounded Aerial® European Tour

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Write us here to learn about our availability and to arrange a class or series. Our schedule is filling up fast.

Offer a killer work-out at your gym, and bounce your way to fitness.  It's just fun.

Certifying in Lyon, France
 July 21st and 22nd
No previous experience necessary

Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training is a 16-hour certification course that offers clients to learn over 30 phrases, aerial and rigging safety, spiritual mindset and application, teaching strategies, maintenance of the systems, lesson ​plans, pedagogy for all levels, the business of bungee dance, hands on corrections, harness education with a variety of suppliers/types, and much more.  We guide students artistically and pragmatically to be able ​to teach bungee with an informed and clear eye.  
We are the most cost effective bungee certification in the world, pricing at only 632.25 Euros.

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But wait, what is this about?
Our expertise and experience has made us the pioneers and leaders in bungee movement. We have created and honed the GA®BT system slowly, mindfully, and with fine-tuned mastery.  It ​is our​ passion, it's crazy fun, and it is spreading like wildfire.​​  Not just for fitness, but it is a way of life.  
If you can fly, what else can you do?


--May 19th and 20th we are off to Studio 17 Wales, United Kingdom 

--Saturday, July 21st and Sunday, 22nd at Adventurium 17 Rue David Lyon, France 



NYC-BASED CLASSES (for all levels)

Additional classes:
Straight Dance Technique Classes for ALL adult levels in: Modern, Ballet, Musical Theater, Jazz, Tap, Tumbling, Ninja obstacle courses, Juggling…and more.
Choreography Development and Creation  (for 6 year olds to senior citizens. Everyone can make dances. For non-dancers!!)  Ms. Fuhrman has toured the world holding workshops such as these via the modern dance company, Pilobolus.  Utilizing team-building strategies, we develop our self-esteem, stimulate creativity, get a great work out, and laugh a lot. From girls night out to executives that need to work on their communication skills…this is fun.
Line and Strengthening- This class can be for novices to pre-professionals to work on their ballet, stretch, and strength.  Exercises and combinations that will enhance performance, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.
Character Development Classes- Ms. Fuhrman assists and facilitates what the artist is already working on.  She takes her 20 years in the industry and enhances the piece with technical precision and detailed artistry. With an already created piece, or an idea that desires to be fleshed out– this class helps develop work to the next level via journaling, lecturing, and application. (for the air or on the ground)
Stretch for All
- The advantages of stretch have been proven scientifically as a giant aid to health and happiness. A combination of yoga, ballet, and Pilates accessible to all levels enables enhanced movement to all types.  With her Masters in Dance Education, Ms. Fuhrman gently and diligently assists each person to relax, strengthen, let go, and stretch via breath, imagery, and anatomical aides.
Contact Improv class/ Weight sharing classes- learn to move with a partner and develop muscles and communication skills that enhance your physique and ability to interact and problem-solve with others. For ALL ages and movers.  Improves stability and balance.  A ton of exploration that helps illuminate the importance of staying in present moment and that application to life.  Very therapeutic.
GA®BT Bungee Classes- bounce like a baby in a bouncy chair while getting the workout of your life- and abs of steel.  If you have dreamt of soaring through the air with larger than life leaps- then take this class.  Do flips, with out getting close to the ground, safely and clearly. This can be double point classes, or single point classes.
Wall Dancing Classes– Dancing and flipping on the wall. A ridiculous work out, perspective shifter, a really fun time– and another reality of the horizontal aerial world!  

More about us!
Grounded Aerial® has performed, taught workshops and certified people around the globe. From cooperate worldwide launches to international award ceremonies.  Grounded Aerial has created full length aerial plays, has worked in Broadway shows, and with numerous TV and film productions.  Recently their work was seen at the Lincoln Center and highlighted in the Guggenheim Museum.  Grounded Aerial® has certified 62 people from the US, Canada, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, France, Portugal, Wales, Israel, and soon South Africa.

Karen A. Fuhrman  (Founder, Artistic Director) is a NYC-based professional dancer and world renown choreographer. She also holds a M.A in Dance Education, and is a prorfessor at DeSales University.  Credits include De La Guarda, Pilobolus, the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres, Good Morning America, Conan O’ Brian, Cavalia of Cirque du Soleil, MOMIX and numerous primetimeTV programs and film. She blends her performance and education-based history for an unforgettable mind/body/spirt certification experience.

Jason Heartsfield  (Executive Director) is our technician, website developer, equipment specialist, and also a professional ​photographer (​perk: ​amazing photos ​are gifts given to clients for their personal marketing purposes). Jason ​has been coaching ​gymnastics ​for the last ​16​ years on a National Level.

We fly. We bounce. We laugh.

(Oh yeah, we get a ridiculous workout too.)

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