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Irish + African American dance traditions showcasing this Saturday

Irish + African American dance traditions showcasing this Saturday




Ingersoll Community Center, 177 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201


Saturday, February 7, 2015 - 3:00pm


FREE | No Reservations Necessary


"Dark...Intense...Mysterious...Blew me away."
- Mel B, NBC's America's Got Talent 


Presented in association with Myrtle Avenue Partnership 

as part of Black Artstory Month


Saturday, February 7 | 3 pm-5 pm

FREE | No Reservations Necessary

"Hammerstep makes their own rules."
- The Irish Post


In the late nineteenth century, Fort Greene-home to over half of Brooklyn's African American population-became widely known as ''Young Dublin'' for the large Irish population that settled on what is now Myrtle Avenue. The stylistic and technical similarities of Irish step dance and American tap dance are a reflection of a century's long cross-cultural dialogue that is important to Fort Greene's history. 

Brooklyn-based critically acclaimed Hammerstep's groundbreaking show integrates traditional Irish step, tap, and hip hop dance forms and presents them through cutting edge choreography, lights, and sound in a way that reinvents the dance show experience. Addressing contemporary social and political issues along the way, Hammerstep elevates dance to act as a platform for personal and collective empowerment and sparks social progression.


Following the performance, company members will discuss their new approach to Irish dance. 

[Hammerstep - Irish Dance meets Hip Hop - America's Got Talent 2013 Season 8 Week 4 Auditions]

Hammerstep - Irish Dance meets Hip Hop - America's Got Talent 2013


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Ingersoll Community Center 

177 Myrtle Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11201 

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