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John Moran and Saori... in Thailand

John Moran and Saori... in Thailand


The Yard- Martha's Vineyard


Saturday, August 6, 2011 - 8:00pm



Both evening's productions can function separately or together and both involve the duo's trademark style of seamlessly blending music, dance, mime, and theater to unique and emotional affect. While considered by many to be a fascinating presentation of modern compositional ideas, these performances are anything but 'dry'. The Guardian UK has written, "There is a fierceness, an intelligence and a sweetness at its core which is hard to resist." Audiences across Europe have found themselves shocked by both the casual nature of the presentation, combined with uncommon precision in their performances. Most commonly known in the United States as the protégé to composer Philip Glass, John Moran has taken his partnership with Saori Tsukada and will delight the vineyard audiences with two different performances on two different nights.

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