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July Ballroom Sampler and SalsaStep

July Ballroom Sampler and SalsaStep


Studio Q'dance


Studio Q'dance: 638 E. 6th st. 2nd floor or 440 Studios at 440 Lafayette st. 3rd and 4th floors, New York City, NY


Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:00am
Saturday, July 12, 2014 - 11:00am
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 11:00am


$30 drop-in rate

Studio Q'dance

Our Ballroom Workshop is settled into 440 studios in 3G at 11:00am every Saturday. Thank you for all who helped us find the best place, day and time for us.

Click Here Now to watch the first video of our Quickstep Performance at The 92nd Street Y. Thank you to Gene Eagle for partnering me so beautifully and to Jeni Breen and Gene Eagle our hosts for having us there. A terrific event as always!


The Newest News!

SalsaStep. No, it's not a fitness class but you will get a workout!

We invite you to drop into Our Ballroom Workshop this Saturday July 11th, for a very special class as we celebrate the birth of Ms. Sandra salsera extraordinaire! In this 90 minute birhtday class, we will explore both Quickstep and Salsa on 2 and connect them! Yes... You have to dance it to believe it so come on up to the 3rd floor at 440 studios at 11:00am this Saturday and meet us in 3G to SalsaStep.  Enrolled Workshop students you are all set no registration is required. The drop in rate for the single class for non- registered students is just $30.00. CLICK HERE to register for Salsa Step Now.  And remember, enrolled workshop students always attend the Friday night class and 30 minute practice FREE. Our July Ballroom Sampler dates are Friday July 11th and Friday July 18th. On the 11th, we Foxtrot and West Coast and on the 18th, we Tango and Waltz. Special Workshop drop in registrants for this weeks Salsa-Step are welcome to attend either sampler date as our guests.

The Friday 8:30pm Ballroom Sampler is held at our Far East Village Location at 638 6th st. This space is special, so come on down for class with colored lights and enjoy our cool neighborhood. It's pay what you can for 90 minutes of class... party style! At least two dance styles per session.


If you're already a part of the Studio Q'dance family, we thank you! And if you're new, we welcome you! 


Studio Q'dance offers high quality private lesson style instruction in a dance party atmosphere.  







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