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Keigwin + Company


The Juilliard School


Monday, May 21, 2012 - 9:00am



Keigwin + Company

KEIGWIN + COMPANY (K+C) announces the company’s first summer intensive program, Let’s Make a Dance, which will be held from May 21-25, 2012 at The Juilliard School. 

Let’s Make a Dance invites participants to explore the creative process and the rewards of performance alongside professional dancers. Participants will learn to develop their unique voices and hone their skills as collaborative artists, using improvisational and compositional tools in a playful environment.  Dancers will explore working as an ensemble while simultaneously learning from and creating with K+C company members in partnering and interactive phrases. The week culminates in a shared performance experience for the professional community in New York City. Curriculum includes:

CREATE WITH THE COMPANY – In this class, students will develop skills as collaborative artists by working with Larry Keigwin and the company in a guided creative process.

DANCE WITH THE COMPANY – This class will explore a variety of K+C dances to be manipulated and developed for the final performance. By tackling the physical dynamics and quirky idiosyncrasies of the work, students will expand their range as a performers.

PARTNER WITH THE ENSEMBLE – Working with basic partnering skills and graduating to more dynamic ensemble work, students will develop tactile and spatial awareness that will increase sensitivity to creating and performing within an ensemble.

PERFORM WITH THE COMPANY – Friday will be devoted to corralling the inspirations, phrases and ensemble developments from the week into a final piece to be performed for industry insiders and invited guests.  This day will be a direct simulation of Larry’s unique process; fast paced, charged and fun.

At the center of Let’s Make a Dance is Larry Keigwin’s unique and collaborative creative process. He describes his process and the focus of K+C’s new summer intensive program: “The art of choreography is about excavating personalities, shaping stories, and building communities. Sharing in the creative process brings me so much joy and watching a group of talented dancers create is not only stimulating, its electrifying; The most thrilling part of having a dance company is the collaboration with the dancers. I invite you to join us in exploring the tools of the creative process and sharing in the excitement of the performance only you could create.”

For further information, visit www.keigwinandcompany.com/calendar/summerintensive.    

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