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Kaley Pruitt Dance at MMAC

Kaley Pruitt Dance at MMAC


Kaley Pruitt Dance


Manhattan Movement & Arts Center: 248 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023


Friday, September 5, 2014 - 8:00pm
Saturday, September 6, 2014 - 8:00pm



Kaley Pruitt Dance

Kaley Pruitt Dance



Manhattan Movement and Arts Center

248 W. 60th Street, New York, NY 10023


September 5 - 6, 2014 at 8pm



Kaley Pruitt Dance comes to Manhattan Movement & Arts Center for a new full evening production. Join us for an evening of brand new work, old favorites, and a story piece sure to bring out the super hero in us all.  Kaley Pruitt is honored to be working with dancers and collaborators, Joshua Reaver & Megan Wubbenhorst, as well as guest artists.

Friday, September 5th & Saturday, September 6th

8:00pm Nightly

Manhattan Movement & Arts Center

248 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023


Tickets: $16.00 General Admission

Tickets available by phone at 877-987-6487 or in person during MMAC's business hours, subject to availability.


Craft (Premiere)

Craft is an evolution of exerting the creative process and the dancer’s physical capacity to a full extent.  The piece hones the mental and physical aspects of choreographing the trio form.  It defines closeness from many aspects.  The dance is about big and full dancing, in each muscle membrane and each brain cell of the performers.  It is about finding a deep logic then excruciating challenge, and oscillating between those to create more momentum and power felt in audience and dancer alike.  It is a celebration of physicality and musicality.

Super (Full Length Premiere, 2013-2014)

Super is for the kid inside your heart.  It is hysterical, ridiculous, and at times even devastating.  The piece takes a journey from reality, into a fantasized comic book adventure and back.  It looks at the icons of “super hero and sidekick” and the impressions we carry of those roles from childhood to adulthood.  The imaginary exploit reminds the characters to confront reality with the optimism of youth and to cherish a true friend.  Super depicts how bravery may really be nothing more than having a powerful and convincing imagination.

Being One (2008)

Being One traces the path of finding individual voice and regaining human connection.  The work addresses how we live in, observe, and act upon the world around us.  Those who stop and question, then decide to make their own way, struggle and are often ostracized.  Being One follows a solo figure who fights to break away from what is expected.  The ensemble represents the public body and their movement conveys precision, power and elements of complacency.  The soloist's movement shifts away from this and becomes more tender and personal, fueled by passion and rebellion.  The piece is about conflict and inner resolution.  Being One is a window into self-affirmation and the deep need for engaging with the people and events around us.


Kaley Pruitt has been working in New York City as a dancer and choreographer since 2011.  Kaley Pruitt Dance investigates the human experience and explores the intrinsic communication between bodies in space.  The work spans comedic dance theater to abstract concert aesthetic.  Kaley always aims to create a dance environment to experience an escape.  She is interested in bringing dance back into the public sphere through traditional vs. non-traditional performance settings.  Kaley’s choreography has been presented through Triskelion Arts, Chez Buswick and The Center for Performance Research, Abby Bender’s Built on Stilts in Martha’s Vineyard, The Secret Theater, Ketchum Arts Commission, Dixon Place, Movement Research, Niagara, & Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre. www.kaleypruittdance.com

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