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Katie Dean and Megan Harrold


Friday, October 12, 2012 - 8:30pm

Present three premieres on split bill at the Center for Performance Research

Katie Dean and Megan Harrold to present three premieres
on split bill at the Center for Performance Research

Brooklyn, NY Oct 2nd, 2012 –Katie Dean and Inimois Dance present a split bill of Royal Jelly/ Nashville Public Library (NPL) at the Center For Performance Research, 361 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY at 8:00pm, November 17th, 2012.

Megan Harrold from Inimois Dance and Katie Dean have been supporting and creating with and around each other for five years. In this split bill evening, two group pieces and one solo will be presented. Both artists are interested in creating an environment, either through architecture or recollection.

Royal Jelly is a new work by Katie Dean. It is an exploration of nostalgia, our collections, the Golden Record, symmetry, iPhones, lust, and randomness.

Three performers—Airin Dalton, Megan Harrold, and Nadia Tykulsker—make up this work. Original music scored by visual artist/musician Heather Bregman. Set design by Katie Dean and Michael Drake.  

Royal Jelly stemmed from researching the Golden Record sent up on the Voyager; a record which can survive for a billion years and contains within it music, 55 languages, 116 images, heartbeat recordings, and important pieces of culture collected by scientists (including Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan). Royal Jelly is the artist’s Golden Record in a sense, a collection of quiet moments, nostalgia, and waiting. It has evolved into the moments both before and after events, an expectancy, a Waiting for Godot-ish 20 or so minutes of the moments in between. She is interested in body memories and ways to resurrect the past. More information is available at www.katiedeandance.com/royal_jelly.

Nashville Public Library (NPL) is a premiere from Inimois Dance, commissioned by repertory company Treeline Dance. Structured after the blueprints of the Nashville Public Library, NPL uses a method of transposing text into movement and music. By transposing novel excerpts into music and dance simultaneously, the same material is presented in two new experiential mediums. Five dancers and two musicians will guide the audience through the three story building constructed from these transpositions, contextual footnotes, kinetic experiences, and symbolic architecture. A map will be provided. Choreographed by Megan Harrold and composed by Charlie Rauh, the piece will be performed by Caroline Nelson, Concetta Abbate, Danielle Schlauderaff, Erin Johnson, Jessica Reidy, and Lyndsey Vadar.

Inimois Dance will also premiere a solo work Let me be Still. This piece was originally commissioned by the International Studios at Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, Germany and completed at the Le Fueil Residency, France. Using a different take on the transposition method, Megan Harrold and Charlie Rauh will translate a poem by ex-captain of the 101st Airborne, Chris Rauh.

About Katie Dean

Katie Dean is a performer and choreographer originally from Virginia. She currently dances for Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance and as a collaborator with Heather Bregman. She has shown work at the Judson Church, Triskelion Arts, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, the Cora Theater, extra extra gallery, Outpost Artist Services, Wow Café, Dixon Place, and other spaces. She has been studying cosmology, dream symbols, and listening to music from high school. www.katiedeandance.com

About Inimois Dance

Megan Harrold and Charlie Rauh (Inimois Dance) have been collaborating for 6 years and have received grants from the Klaustrid Foundation, Metlife Meet the Composer, Untitled Artist Group, Fractured Atlas, Queens Council on the Arts, and the Ucross Foundation among others. Their work has been shown at Lincoln Center, Ailey CityGroup Theater, WAXWorks, Judson, AL, GA, IL, MD, TN, VA, WY, Puebla Mexico and Iceland. www.inimoisdance.webs.com

About the Center for Performance Research

The Performance will take place at Center for Performance Research, 361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211. Tickets are 5 in advance and available online at www.cprnyc.org.

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