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LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Butoh Dancer SU-EN

LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Butoh Dancer SU-EN




LEIMAY | CAVE, Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY


Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 2:00pm daily through April 27, 2018




This LEIMAY LUDUS Lab will introduce the SU-EN Butoh Method. The SU–EN butoh method aims to create a dancing and a performing body using butoh body materials. The body is de-constructed and re-defined. The challenges of body and space present new possibilities.

No previous dance training is necessary but participants need to be in good physical and mental health. The SU–EN Butoh Method provides tools for stage performance and choreographic structures and does not aim to examine therapeutic processes or self-exploration.

The workshop is an introduction only; focused training over three to five years with SU–EN is recommended to master this choreographic style.

A body that challenges the space
A body that is erased and still moving
A body that transforms into other realities
A body balancing beauty and brutality
A body beyond civilization and culture

Basic Training
Exercises involve breathing, gravity, balance, endurance, and strength. In this work we investigate posture, habits, and structures. Some work will be done outdoors and many exercises are done in pairs.

Body Materials/Choreographic process
This training focuses on the transformation of the body into other living matter. Different body materials, living matter as seen in nature, and principles of process are used for the artistic research. The work aims to challenge the body to become the materials and create a new method for dance expression. Choreographic elements will be introduced and used for improvisation.

SU–EN‘s work is based on the Hijikata/Ashikawa Method, which was developed further in the TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO group. SU–EN was a founder member of the student group GNOME for five years, where Yoko Ashikawa choreographed, and trained as an apprentice under Tomoe Shizune. SU–EN is one of the very few dancers today with direct training in this lineage.

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